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Transponder on ground

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I've got a question regarding using the transponder on the ground.

So, I am aware that in real life pilots usually tend to set their transponder to ALT RPTG OFF during taxi/pushback, and when they get onto the runway they set it to TA/RA.

Now, my question is; when I flew to CPH, the ATIS said "squawk Charlie on push" which I assume means that you should set your transponder to "on" aka TA/RA or XPNDR. But if that is the case, why does just CPH (and maybe some other airports) have it differently than other airports, and if I would still set it to ALT RPTG OFF, would ATC ask me to go to squawk mode Charlie since that what it said in the ATIS?


Also, I am wondering if you should set you're transponder to TA/RA while corssing an active runway, and after you've crossed it, if you should turn it back to ALT RPTG OFF?


Thanks in advance!

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I am not an expert but I see, in the information for CPH, the following:


"Flight crew are required to select the assigned mode A (Squawk) code and
activate the mode S transponder:
- from commencement of push-back or taxi, whichever comes first:
- after  landing,  until  the  aircraft  is  fully  parked  on  stand.  After  parking  the
mode A code 2000 must be set before selecting OFF or STDBY."
This would mean that CPH isn't different from other airports.
My local airport CYYZ has a similar requirement so I thought it must be universal by now.

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