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Caught in limbo, half in and half out of ORBX new system.

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What a mess,


Have authorized the flight Sim Store to transfer my many purchases amounting to thousands of dollars to the new ORBX system.


I have downloaded and installed FTX Central version 3 and can tell that my purchases are there since they are highlighted, and run in P#D (v. 3.4)


However it will not update the products since it claims I am not authorized (not recognizing FFS transfer).


This may be connected to the fact that I have been unable to access to my "Spirit Flyer and/or Stephen Wilcox' normal account at ORBX for over a year because I need a new password and a new registered email. (hence this is posted here and not the ORBX forum)


I have even notified friendly management my email and messenger to try to remedy such, and although some have expressed kindness and regret have been unable to force the issue.


Therefore I can not post on the ORBX Forum for help.


I sought remedy directly with staff without remedy!


In any case I have thousands of dollars tied up without remedy nor my proper account or the ability to update my software or even to beg hat in hand on ORBX forums to seek help.


Is there anyone who reads this from ORBX that will try to help?

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You need to create a new OrbXDirect account anyway, so it has nothing to do with your forum accounts, past or present. It seems a FSS issue and that is with Adrian you have to deal with. Have you posted a support ticket at FSS or at their FB page ?


EDIT the transfer is made in this OD account not in FTXC3

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as  the above  poster  has  said  you have  to register  a new account, its  different  from your  sign in account   at orbx, also you have  to use the same  email address  you used  at fss

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you have  to use the same  email address  you used  at fss


it is recommended that you do, but not mandatory

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Thank you gents.


All fixed although still unable to access proper account on the forums.


Updates are now downloaded.




Adrian, if you read this I am grateful for your longstanding good service, always giving a fair shake and a trusted vendor.


Before I buy most other products for the sim I will check to see if you at FSS are competitive, and if so, will purchase accordingly.


You have earned my trust and custom. All the very best.


Kind regards,

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 still unable to access proper account on the forums


I don't know what's "proper" for you but you have no less than three accounts at OrbX as any user can easily check : March 2008 (1320 pots), July 2013 (231 pots) and July 2016 (2 posts) !  

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