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Upgrading from v2.4 to v3

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Haven't flew P3d v2.4 for more than a year and just flew it over the weekend and happy to see that everything still runs fine. However of course v3 has been out for more than a year now and I'm considering the upgrade.


I know I missed the boat when the upgrade discussion were happening the most but I can really appreciate some tips on upgrade. I know v3 can be installed side by side with v2.4 and that's what I'm going to do. I guess my major concern like many people here is the addons. I have lots of Orbx stuff like Global, Vector, Australia, NA, EU addon etc etc etc. Do I have to re-purchase every P3D V3 version (if available)? Or I can just download the v3 version and install them to P3D. 



By the way, I'm having a strange problem with P3D that it keeps recognizing numpad keys as "SHIFT-". For instance Num 7 is for trim, and SHIFT-Num 7is for left snap view. Somehow P3D got stuck with always taking Num 7 as Shift-Num7. I tested the keyboard and made sure that shift keys weren't stuck. 


Couldn't figure out how to solve this glitch and I ended up deleting the view key assignments and re-assigned Shift-Num 7/1 as new trim keys. 

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Hello Yang,


Yes, you will have to Download Prepar3D V3 Orbx compatible Installers (No charge)


The new FTX Central V3 is now Live.  Click this Link below and read the Tutorial carefully


Basically Orbx has taken over Control of there day to day Selling from the Flight Sim Store (Old Orbx Shop)   Its a great new shiny system that makes live easy  


Its all in the Link above. 

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Thanks a lot. It'll be a dreadful process to install all the addons to V3. $60 price is totally acceptable, but the time effort is very expensive in a sense.  I truly hope V3 worth the effort.


I finally got a chance to fly P3D v2.4 on my 135" home theater projector screen. It's drop dead gorgeous and I was totally overwhelmed by the sensation. I really didn't have a hint that even at non-4K 1080p the large screen can make such a phenomenal difference.  Hope V3 is even better. 

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