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Virtual Cockpit Too Dark

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Ok, I know this post is EXTREMELY old, but I don't want to start a new thread, I've made some minor discoveries regarding this matter, the VC of ALMOST all AC is like "tinted" slightly (but very noticeable for me, and very unwanted and annoying). If you move the VIEWPOINT across the VC to the outside and you trespass the glass you can see the huge difference, this told me it's a "glass" thing and not a "camera".


I found a way to remove "light reflections" from your AC VC windows, just delete or rename the file %Airplane inside the SimObjects>%Airplanename% BUT this doesnt remove this "tinted glass of the windows".


I was playing all aircrafts and noticed the Beechcraft King Air 350 appearently "DOESNT HAVE GLASS/WINDOWS" because it is the only one in which the brightness looks same from outside and inside VC, I tried disabling many .dds files inside "textures" folder of a specific AC and none did anything to the "glass tint", just missing textures from outside or panels


I reviewed the whole aircraft.cfg to try find anything useful, comparing the King Air's .cfg to see if something was missing, regarding "windows" or "glass" or something, but nothing, there is no real dif between King Air's and others .cfg

The [LIGHTS] section only seemed to specify light sources coordinates (tell me if mistaken)


So, I give up, I would like to know how can you literally RIP the windows from other aircrafts, like default 737, and why some AC have darker tints one from another, for ex, the Beech Baron 58 has "tint", but veeery slight, barely noticeable, you have to trespass the glass to notice a diference.


Any ideas? Anyone?


BTW, what someone said before about using "smoke" and the "i function", I didnt understand a WORD, anyway doesn't seem too close to what I see in the "windowsless" King Air which I think is what we really want.

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