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Twin turboprop at Courchevel?

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Yes, they do go there (including a DASH 7 at least once), but maybe not THIS type of twin turboprop. I don't think it could in real life:




I've just spent the last hour "flight testing" Mario Noriega's work of art. I had thought to fly INTO Courchevel in an Avanti - a bit more impressive than a WT9- Dynamic. However, I thought I'd see if you can actually get OUT of LFLJ. Makes sense. No point going there if unable to take off again (unless it was an absolute dire emergency!)


The solution I arrived at was only 4 pax. not 6. 100lb of cargo, not 300+ (I think the stock amount is 357lb). 10% fuel load, about half the available up trim and full flap.


Despite the short run to the steep slope, I still had to push full forward on the stick to lessen the ballooning effect as the runway drops away. Without that you end up stalling and smashing the nose gear into the floor. Oh, and trying to rotate whilst still on the tarmac results in a tail strike once you get to the end of the runway.


On to the technique: Once the aircraft has made contact with the runway and is now barrelling down the slope, stick neutral and let her get to the end of the tarmac. Once the wheels have left the runway, pull hard back on the stick and get the nose up (about 20 degrees) to alleviate the sink. I didn't get a stall warning whereas trying out other methods, she did stall. It does the job of missing the trees so you can relax the back pressure on the stick and clean her up as she starts climbing.


The Avanti still falls off the end of the runway, but she's doing just about 100 knots, the up trim has just begun to take effect and she still makes it over the trees at the end (hope they don't grow another few feet!).


So, a highly dangerous not to mention quite unrealistic, departure, but still with a useable load to fly to Chambery for instance. Should be even less of a problem with just the pilot to fly her out of there.


Anyhow it kept me quiet and out of mischief for a bit - sometimes that's why we sim I guess!


Sorry I don't know how to make a video, but feel free to discuss. Could the real thing do this and do it safely?  :nea:

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