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White fog in low visibility at night

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Hello everyone,


I don't know if this issue is related to DX10 Fixer, I am posting here mainly because I need help with this.


Basically, at night, whenever I enter a low vis layer (clouds) or land in fog, the "sky" becomes white, as if it is day time. In clouds it is passable, as it is temporary and I can always believe that it's caused by the landing lights reflecting in cloud. But foggy nights on land become totally disrupted.


I've found elsewhere that this is caused by a altered shader. Ok but I can't find the way to solve it. 


I've unninstalled Shade (bought from simmarket), which installed alternate palletes, hoping that it would restore things back to normal but it didn't.


I also have Reshade and removed it. Also made FSX recreate shader files (in a folder called Shaders) to no avail (even if I switched back to DX9 using the DX10 fixer).


There is another folder in the FSX main folder - ShadersHSLS, I believe used by DX10 Fixer, that, if removed, makes FSX unable to display anything. So, I suspect the problem is there. But how can I revert it to the original files before this white fog monster hatched? 


Any help is most appreciated. 



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What do the diagnostics in the Dx10 controller report - it checks all the shader sources for you.

Does the same issue occur in DX9?


It sound perhaps as if you could have a corrupted sky texture which is what Shade alters.

Can you obtain the original set of sky textures and put them in fsx\textures?

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Steve, I was able to fix the fog issue but created a new one.


The fog issue was created by the Shade utility. I reinstalled it, used it to install the default FSX palette presets, and all is well with the fog. 


I did these changes with FSX set to DX9  (using your utility).


Then when I reverted back to DX10 all my ground textures and water textures are gone from a certain perimeter around the airport into the distance. It's all blue sky up and down.


Still the Diagnostics come out ok in the DX10 fixer utility.


I've tried repairing the DX10 fixer install but no change. I am considering uninstalling and reinstalling the fixer but this may not be the issue. I am going to try to think about what changes I made trying to fix the fog issue. But I think I only moved shader folders, removed reshade and reinstalled REX textures... I am at a loss again.


Again this only happens in DX10.


I found this pic on the net that shows a similar condition:



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Ok well that is your terrain shaders not compiling. I would uninstall the fixer libraries from the controller confirm that all is well in dx10 preview

and then try reinstalling the libraries.

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Steve, it's all well now, your indications solved the issue.


A huge thank you. I was already feeling nervous with the idea of having to reinstall FSX and everything else.



By the way, I use crosire reshade (version 1.1.something) mainly to spice up colours a bit and make the sky brighter. And your cloud shadows work with it.

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