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Strange fps issue - P3D v3.4

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Yesterday I upgraded my Win 7 to Win 10 with P3D v3.4 on it. Before upgrade P3D was running smoothly at 35fps locked.

After the upgrade fps dropped to max 24-25, and more at demanding scenery (10-14 fps). Even with fps unlimited it will not go more then 25fps.


The strange thing is if the P3D window is not in focus (I run P3D in windowed mode) fps goes back to 35fps (my locked fps) and above 70 if unlimited. As soon as I select P3D window fps goes back to 24-25fps.

If have g-sync on, vsync is off. No NI settings. I tried turning off g-sync but it's not the cause. Also tried deleting shader cache folder, deleting config...still the same issue. Nvidia driver also updated to latest 376.19 (5 Dec 2016).


Anyone encounter this before??




Deric Wan

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Hi Deric,


Did you try setting Gsync in full screen + windowed mode in NVCP?

Clean install of NV driver resets Gsync to full screen only.



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Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I did set Gsync to windowed + full screen's not helping.

I did reverted back to the last nvidia driver then it was working ok (w/ Gsync still on both windowed+full screen). Then the computer restarted - it happened again. Fps is at 24-25 as if it was capped. Then when the P3D window not in focus, fps went back up.

I still have my backup before Win10 upgrade - I restored that P3D is working fine with Gsync. I restored Win10 back again to try figure out what's wrong.


Finally I disabled Gsync - everything is ok. I did disable Gsync earlier but it was not helping. Not sure why now disabling Gsync seems to work. I'm gonna observe abit in case the issue creep up again. Strange thing about Win10 with Gsync.

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