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Hi Guys,


I use Navigraph to update the FMS and subscribe to their charts too. I'm having difficulty seeing any of the transitions listed in the CDU destination page anywhere on the charts... sometimes I get lucky but only sometimes. Any ideas, explanations for me?  TIA

Len  Carne

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Any ideas, explanations for me?


A SID and STAR always have a core route, and it's usually pretty short. SIDs are usually named with the end of the core route, while STARs are named for the beginning of the core route. From there, it will usually have several transitions from the core route to your flight route (or your flight route to the core route). The core route (on FAA NACO and Jepp charts) will always be in a heavier line thickness, while the transitions are thinner.


Looking at the JCOBY3 SID:


This is a hybrid SID, which uses both vectors and pilot-nav routing. If you were going off of 19C, you would fly heading 191 until 820 (500 AGL), then turn to 320 and await a vector to RIGNZ. RIGNZ to JCOBY is the core route (note the thicker arrows up to this point). You could, in theory, have your route pick up at JCOBY if you'd like. It is more likely, however, that your route picks up at SWANN, PALEO or COLIN (used to be DAILY in that direction), however, so those are transitions offered (note the thinner line).


If you selected 19C.JCOBY3, you would get everything up to JCOBY. The transitions offered would be SWANN, PALEO, and COLIN (each transition is only identified by its final point).


Looking at the ANCHR4 STAR:

(2 pages - always read all the pages)


Everything on the first page is part of a transition, with identifiers of BFF, SNY, ONL, SAUGI, and OBH (note the thinner arrows). Everything on the second page is the core route, beginning at ANCHR and continuing through BARRK (note the thicker arrows). You could technically pick the route up at ANCHR and not fly a transition, but it is more likely that one of the transitions will be closer to your actual non-SID/STAR route. You will see ANCHR4 in the list, and when you click on it, the transitions listed will be BFF, SNY, ONL, SAUGI, and OBH.





Technically - again - you can file and fly a SID and STAR without a transition. You do not need to select one. It is likely, however, that there will be a transition that matches up with the route to be flown.


If the agreement between Chicago Center (ZAU), Indy Center (ZID), and Washington Center (ZDC) to add order to the relatively heavy flow between the two points is to have all jets on J149 on the way to ORD, utilizing the WATSN3 arrival, you will need to select a SID that ends up on J149. J149 essentially picks right up at AML (on the field at IAD), but no SIDs use it. Instead there's the BUNZZ3 SID, which has a core route to BUNZZ with a transition to RAMAY, right onto J149. You follow that all the way through to the point where you pick up the WATSN3. Remember that STARs are usually named for their core route, so the core part of the STAR picks up at WATSN. WATSN isn't on J149, though...so how do you get there? Transition. The WATSN3 has a transition that picks up at ROD, which is on J149.


SID and STAR transitions are created by the procedures teams to help traffic flow better. They don't just pick them at random; they pick them because they are related in some way to a predominant traffic flow off of some airway. If you're interested in how to actually plan for using them, I have a video up on YouTube somewhere on how I select which SIDs and STARs (and I usually just assume the transition).


EDIT: Found it...


Kyle Rodgers

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Ahh  the light is dawning! Thanks as always Kyle


Welcome! Light day at the day job today, so if you come up with any other questions, post back here.

Kyle Rodgers

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