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What's the RC4 install program called?

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It is rcv4.exe as downloaded. It  decompresses into .bin file that installs over the installer of the same file name.


If you still are on the same pc you can download the installer by requesting a link from If you are using the same e-mail address or user name he can look you up and then send a link to you. If you are indeed using the same e-mail address then you can try using the automated key generator. The key is needed after the installer is run after the first step.


Please see the help topic here..


If you have RC already on your PC for FS9 and just are adding FSX you can duplicate in a separate folder that first RC setup naming that folder fsxrc4 or whatever you want and then redo your paths. Remember to use the correct path to FSX in this new folder.


If you are beyond Win XP then you'll have to grab a couple of dlls off of the Internet. Please see this thread "713 and unregistered dll's".

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