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Wind effect at CRZ

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Great piece of software. I have one thing to note and I'm sorry if his was mentioned somewhere and I missed it...I did a search for wind and nothing seemed to cover it; so here I go! :) lol


Love the wind effect - I use AS16 for my WX engine and with ChasePlane I get a great deal of realism by adding the shake to my POV. That being said, I feel that at cruise or at high FL's it shouldn't always be that shaky. Of course one would say lower the slider! right? well I want the shaky wind effect during many occasions during my flight but at cruise planes simply just dont shake like that.


I am getting 82 knots of wind from the back and my meter is shot up to the max. I have lowered my slider almost all the way down to eliminate the shake because there shouldn't really be any. I am looking for a good mix....Wind turbulence below FL100 and then at high altitudes to hardly shake (except for pockets of turbulence of course; but I'm saying that the shakyness currently will be shaking through-out). Am I missing something? I am currently making my wind slider 0 at CRZ and around .2 under FL100 lol



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Wind turbulence should be used outside of the aircraft as you don't have 300kt wind blowing in your face while in a closed cockpit. This option is there for open cockpit aircraft.


This being said, we are going to add tuning options for the wind turbulence, giving you the possibility to adjust the intensity, frequency and amplitude of the turbulence.


Alpha 2 is my short answer!


Thanks a lot for your feedback!



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