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4 questions for HOME COCKPIT use

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I'm very impressed with this software, so I would like to test with my X-Plane based cockpit. So I have 3 questions:


1.- I understand this software runs as plugin,  in main X-Plane 10 screen, and under X-P11 (When available)  on any screen of main computer. So I understand that it's not possible yet the use of this software in a second networked computer. Isn't it? There are future plans to do it?


2.- Can I use this software on a touch screen? I'm building a home cockpit, then my goal is the NO USE OF MOUSE. If affirmative, Wich screen requirements I need? Like resolution, interfacing (VGA, USB)... I'm thinking in a 15 inch 4:3 screen, or a 16:9 in vertical position.


3.- Can I use with three different computers with same license? Obviously, not at same time. I have one computer for my cockpit, another for testing pursose, and a netbook. It's enough with one license?


4.-Can I use an external pushbutton and encoder? I would like to build a 3D bezel and simulate two bezel pushbuttons and main encoder. Now I'm using an Arduino Mega and datarefs for all cockpit switches, encoders, and pushbuttons.


That's all, thank you for your time!



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Hi Austin, and thank you for your kind words!


I'll try my best to answer, but please note the product is not tailored specifically for the kind of usage you describe, although it has a number of facilities to help you out!


1) It is not a 'networked' product, it is an in-sim product. Different target audiences, and offering the former is something on our list in the future.


2) There is no specifics for touch screen but what windows + XPlane offer. The plugin touch screen inputs come from the mouse events Windows sends to XPlane, which in turn sends to our plugin. Should the monitor converts touch to mouse events, and should XPlane receives them well, this should work.


3) Not really. Although the EULA grants you the right for a typical desktop + notebook install and not using both at the same time, 3 installations is a little too much for a single license isn't it?


4) The plugin publishes custom XPlane commands to drive its keys and knobs. Provided you convert your hardware events to XPlane commands, this should work all right!

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