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Complete Newbie Questions?

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Been flight simming for many years, but i've just installed DCS for the 1st time.  Not even fired it up yet.  Rather than do my usual thing of just diving in; getting it all wrong, and ending up frustrated, I thought squash my pride, and come talk to you guys....


I'm looking at DCS, as I'm told, pretty reliably I think, that the recent Spitfire release is, "probably the best model produced for ANY flightsim - EVER!"  I trust him and I love the spit, albeit I really prefer the earlier variants.


First up....  A couple of very basic questions...


1. Roughly what sort of area do the maps cover? The only games I've played with 'maps' are FPS type games. I'm used to the likes of FSX and P3D where we have 'the world' at our fingertips;-)

2. Much as Avsim & SoH are my spiritual homes for FS forums, is there perhaps another forum I should also be looking at?

3. What, if any, 'DCS Guide For Dummies' can you recommend?

4. There seems to be more than one way of purchasing addons.  Does it matter which i choose?


Currently 'trying' to read through the manual but tbh, finding it a little confusing:-/


Open to ALL ideas and suggestions for a total DCS novice, that's not even loaded the game and sat in a cockpit yet!!!

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Hello Phil,The Avsim/DCS Forums are great for General "News" but to get answers to all your DCS Questions and to give you a better overall experience You should go to the source....


Enjoy The Spitfire :smile: She sure's a handful!!!

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