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Move P3D installation to a nve computer

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I'm putting together a new computer for P3D and X-Plane. Is it possible to move my whole P3D installation (all on C: drive) to the new computer? I have Orbx addons etc etc. Have no idea whether a simple folder copy will work or not. 


I'm also considering another option is to take the current C: drive which is already a SSD 1TB and plug it to the new computer, install windows 10 (the old system is win7) on top of it and see how things go. But even if that works all the junks accumulated over the last six years on that drive will be kept. Not sth really desirable for me. 


Any feedbacks will be very much appreciated... 


eh, I just noticed my typo in the title, "new" not "nve", but how to correct it?

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There are varying ways you could TRY to do it but the EASIEST way is to uninstall and reinstall. A file or disk copy will break the activation. Installing a new OS will break the activation. The registry entries for the add-ons will probably be incorrect...etc.etc.etc.


Save yourself a big headache - uninstall/reinstall.



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Thanks for suggestion. I'm leaning toward a complete reinstall too.


If I decide to reinstall, I may just buy a second copy of P3D so I can keep my current system up and running. My current system has seen a lot of hard drive and video card upgrades. I kept 512GB SSD drive that was replaced by 1TB SSD a while ago.


So I could use the 1TB drive in the new 7700K PC, do a clean Windows 10 installation and install a new copy of P3D plus XP11. Then I can also replug the 512GB SSD back to the old PC so I don't lose anything. Of course, once everything settled I could repurpose the old system for sth else. 


That also gves me the chance to upgrade to P3D v3. Currently I'm still running v2.4.

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