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Ivar Dozon

"Prepar3d.exe has stopped working".

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That's what appears all the time.

After solving one issue another comes by. I have tried with this one single flight 7 times now, and not a single one has gone longer than a pushback.

A time ago, I had this problem P3D crashing without any signs or anything popping up, stating that P3D has crashed. The window would just close and there would be no crash report to look into at all.

I did reinstall P3D several times, until it came to my mind that Prepar3D would ONLY crash that way if the window was not focued. After I told that to Jim Young he pointed out it was an incompatible addon and nothing else. So I installed P3D fresh again, without any addons or whatsoever. It did never crash, but as soon as I installed Aerosoft Airbus, it all started again..

So I uninstalled it, and installed nothing but PMDG 737. And after some flying, the same thing started to happen again, sometimes when I press something in the cockpit.. Bang, "Prepar3d.exe has stopped working". 


So all this "compability thing" that Jim stated suddenly started to drive with my mind. The simulator would crash with only PMDG 737 installed, and that's clearly a polite product made for Prepar3d v3, not v2 or FSX, not anything like that... To summarize it, I used to have lots of FSX and P3Dv2 addons installed on my P3Dv3, and I thought uninstalling them would be the solution to this problem. But it can't be..


I acually have one more issue specificly with the Aerosoft Airbus, a factor that makes my thoughts on my crashes tilt more on that it would be the Aerosoft Airbus causing problems.. When minimizing the window of P3D using the Aerosoft Airbus, it will simply freak out. The FPS will go from 0-3 and a shutdown of P3D via Task Manager is the only way round..


Lastly, I just want to state that I CAN fly a flight without problems, I've flown lots of them, and everyone run into CTD's from time to time. But I KNOW this is a problem related to software (installs, configs, registry etc..), not just random hardware issues.


The only thing left to do might be a new machine, but that's not something I'm looking forward to pay for at all..








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Hi Ivar,


Sorry to hear you are still having issues.  At least your investigation determined it was not P3D as it worked okay until you installed the Aerosoft Airbus. 


As shown in the AVSIM CTD Guide, page 7, Actions to take After Getting a Crash, you need to let us know that the name of the faulting module.  That's a clue as to what might have caused the crash. 


You should be running P3D in Administrative Mode - See page 10, AVSIM CTD Guide for how to do this with an image.  This will allow P3D to load with the permissions of ALL users and not just you.  For instance, you might have installed P3D with Admin Rights for ALL users and then installed Aerosoft's Airbus without Admin Privileges.  When you start up P3D, Microsoft makes sure you have permission to use the Airbus.  This is why it is important to make sure you have set permission for ALL users to run P3D and not just you.


You should have install P3D in a non-default folder such as C:\Prepar3D_v3 and not in the Program Files (x86) folder.


You should have made sure User Access Controls were disabled and any anti-virus program was disabled while installing P3D and the Aerobus.  Anti-virus and anti-malware programs have been know to quarantine a require file to run a product like the Aerosoft Airbus.  See page 24, AVSIM CTD Guide.


Make sure you have the Airbus version is compatible with P3D.  There were some compatibility issues with earlier versions -


Best regards,


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