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XP 11 is this combination of triple screens possible?

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Hello everyone!


Having some great fun with xp11 so far. I have a Dell 3440x1140 ultrawide monitor but I'm looking for even more immersion. Thought about Oculus but my gtx970 and many, many bugs/problems reported for using FlyInside with xp11/p3d/fsx are holding me back.

Now, here is my question..... Is it possible to use my current monitor with two 27 ich 1920x1080 screens( have the same height as my Dell screen). The ultrawide monitor will then have to run at 2560x1080 obviously. Did a test with nvidia surround but the ultrawide was automatically set to 1920x1080 just like my two hdtv's I used for the test. There is no way of using two sorts of resolution in nvidia surround. Will this be possible in xp11? I noticed it is possible to set up 3 screens within xp11 and correcg for viewing angle so that distortion at the sides of the outer screens is negligible. My goal is to create a 2560x1080 + 2 x (1920+1080) screen setup.


Thank you for any advice or thoughts



The Netherlands

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I think it could be done. you could use different resolutions from the new window feature on XP11. Not using Nvidia surround.


I use 3 monitors same size and res. but here's a screenshot on how you can change resolution per monitor. So if the XP11 settings shows Resolution, I don't see why not.




on this video, the 4th monitor is different size.

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I use a rift so I can't test on triples any longer  but I believe from a number of demonstrations I have seen that you can do this no problem using xplane and not using nvidia surround.


     I think xplane gives you the benefit that nvidia surround doesnt that it renders three views so that you dont get the macro lens effect on the extremes of the views that you do in a typical game using nvidia surround.


    Flyinside has a few issues.   If you are thinking of spending money which could go to a rift then I would do a bit more research to find if the FI issues will effect your type of flying much.


    If it was me, (which it's not!) with the hindsight of using a rift, I would use the rift and then fall back on to a very nice monitor which you already have on the odd time that FI doesnt work well enough for you.    FI will probably fix issues in a reasonable amount of time.


     I can't fly with a monitor any longer so if there was an issue with FI, then I would adjust my flying so it would work, e.g. not bother with a certain add-on until it's compatible.   You might not be like me though :)

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