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  1. Got it working with the installer GTN Trainer 6.62.1 from this post Thanks
  2. Hi Jean-Luc, got a new rig and reinstall everything, using with trainers. But I get black screens, trainer not found. 20/03/05 05:18:21.537 02152 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 20/03/05 05:18:21.537 02152 INFO ] 20/03/05 05:18:35.695 02152 ERROR] trainer not found 20/03/05 05:18:35.699 02152 INFO ] installed: 20/03/05 05:18:35.709 02152 INFO ] 6620 nav: C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\ ---- 20/03/05 05:18:18.752 02152 - ] # win.xpl version 20/03/05 05:18:18.752 02152 INFO ] thanks Alex
  3. Checking spam very carefully, don't want to delete my invite... if I get any.😅
  4. Got one up. it's not a review, just showing seasons and weather with Active Sky.
  5. Yes, but I had xVision shaders enable on that video. I need to disable xVision and test xAmbience again. I installed the plugin 5 minutes before the group flight and learning about it. not that much documentation or videos around. still is good to know the UI.
  6. I did had fps hit, from 60 to 30 going down to 20s. Even with all sliders at 0%. (GTX 1080Ti) xVision is more powerful working with shaders. maybe with 3d puddles, 3d snow, 3d snow on aircraf mentioned for next update will be better. Of course they need to fix the frame issue.
  7. Do you guys get the map working in your browser? http://localhost:19285/ActiveSkyRemoteWeather.html I get "image not found" on local computer and network. Thanks Alex
  8. I've never used that feature, it wasn't there until X-Plane 11, so my guess is that it works for basic stuff, flaps, engines. That's why I posted that not sure if it will work with views. I use voiceattack, so I don't need to remember all the keys for every sim. https://voiceattack.com
  9. Go to keyboard menu on X-Plane and at the bottom, select FSX from the dropdown list. now you have the keys as fsx. not sure about the views, but all other key should be the same
  10. run the X-Plane installer, to restore original textures. that might solve your issue. good luck
  11. awesome, count me in, for the vulkan version. it really enhance X-Plane visually and profiles for any occasion. Thanks
  12. Since I update XPL to latest beta, I got that issue in some payware aircraft, specially carenado or those modded with integrated GTN, default baron58, 172 are fine on my side. C172 modded can't interact with some gauges MU2 same thing. I do use process lasso and don't see any difference from using Non Physical cores or use all. --more tests-- If I delete the gtn ini file from the dornier, there's no problem with gauges.
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