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Leaving sim window in focus

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Thank you for the very nice camera tool! Using it only for the first day and it is awesome, intuitive and very handy, even in its alpha state. So far it runs like a charm. 
I have one question and one request, if I may... I am using v0.1.553 with FSX:SE. I have TrackIR as well, but so far haven't tried using both together. 

I saw some videos, where guys were using AIRCRAFT section in the left hand menu. My version of CP has it inactive (grey). However, looks like CP detects chosen aircraft automatically and loads presets correctly. Obviously it is intended so? Or I have done something wrong?

Would it possible to make ChasePlane leave the simulator in focus (as active window) when I do some switching in CP window? At the moment, as soon as I press something in CP, sim loses focus (sound and etc) I have 2 monitors and that way it is easier for me than using the mouse middle button. Not a game-stopper, but would be very nice. For example, this could happen if I use that "always-on-top" button.

Thank you so much! 

P.S. I found how to bind key to specific camera preset, but is there a way to bind some key for scrolling through all existing presets in the same category (all inside cameras as an example)?

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Mmm, ok. I can live without CP leaving sim in focus, but could someone please tell me how to assign button/key for existing presets to scroll through? Or how is it meant to be used?  :unknw:

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For your question: ChasePlane loads presets on a per-aircraft basis. You do not have to manage preset loading manually. The AIrcraft section will be useful when we have Virtual Doors and Walls available.


For the Request: I like the idea. It's been added to the list of things to do!




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