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  1. Yes, I have the same problem. Betas for both PBE and A32NX. Voice control works only with open mic. Edit: I don't have any of those 2 apps, mentioned in manual. WASM is up to date.
  2. Thanks Bryan for swift reply! No problem to wait for that. All I asked is more cosmetic, so no rush.
  3. Hello guys! Thank you for saving me from the dreadful stock MS2020 pushback system! 🙂 I do understand that SDK is very limited and probably bugged, but would it be possible to add few more features in the future? 1st - marshall that walks the plane and leaves it after disconnection? 2nd - add the baggage loader, cattering truck and fuel truck to the main PB control panel? Thank you in advance! Oh and a question if I may - what does that preflight procedure does (apart from counting down the time)?
  4. Same problem here with FS2020 and PbE. While sim is on and Pushabck Express is active, i can open settings, move the volume slider and verify with sound test that it actually works. But once I close the settings window (by pressing X sign on top-right corner, as I don't seem to find other way to do it) all reverts back to max volume.
  5. First thing to do is - check your GPU load. But to help you, we will need more info. System specs, FSX install location and info about tweaks applied (if any), also more details about addons would be great. In your case, just to check, I'd uninstall EZDOK and test if same happens. If that doesn't help, backup your fsx.cfg file and delete it. FSX will rebuild it.
  6. Paul, this is exactly what you should NOT (imho) be saying here on these forums. I'll keep it simple. There are myriads of hardware combinations/prices/brands that can quite easy pull the same sim performance as your new shiny rig. Must remind you that I am talking about FSX/P3D platform only. Many guys, with good computers struggle getting acceptable image and frames because of poor software setup or balance or any or other that kind of reason. They will come here looking for answers. And now you come here on AVSIM and talk like some sort of messiah, telling that there is a hope, just throw out your cash, sell kidneys or house and you will have 35 FPS at FT airport with PMDG aircraft. Come on, just stop! You are not giving any hope, you are killing it. So honestly, this looks like a squishy show-off to me. If you'd say that this was bought for future sims, X-Plane11 or any other game/software, THEN all I would have to say - congrats, this is a big one! To restore the balance - I have rather old rig with 2700k @ 4.8GHz, GTX680, Asus mobo and 8GB RAM. Assembled and installed by myself. Guess what, I have approx. the same result. And I do not plan to upgrade it exactly for this reason. It runs like a charm, sim is beautiful and smooth. When there will be a serious replacement for FSX/P3D, I will do the upgrading.
  7. No idea what makes this happen, but hat off and respect for flying MD-11! Damn, I just checked my sig. It probably makes difficult to understand why I said this... :D
  8. I can confirm that I had this same issue just after attaching new SSD to my system and made fresh win10 install. Previously had win7. But got it solved in an hour with help from support.
  9. It happens with all aircraft. It's just the length of aircraft that matters most. Longer it is, the more shifting visible.
  10. Congrats on your new system! Just a question... Who told you that all of this is not possible with a bit older machine and lower specs? Jetliners? If we would focus on simming only (FSX/P3D) - this is a complete overkill that has nothing to do with texture quality, smoothness and etc. And as stated above - no amount of GHz or RAM or cash makes you safe from OOMing this all to bits. Its not the machines raw power that saves you from stutters or OOMs, its the selection of add-ons (PMDG 747 + Flytampa + ORBX) keeps you safe + P3Ds ability to deal with VAS better. Why I am saying this? Because it is not very cool to tell people "get a REAL powerful machine like mine or die stuttering!" Why? Cause it's bravo sierra.
  11. Welcome, glad it works! All credits to Keven. ;)
  12. Not official answer, just personal opinion. Might be wrong, but I can not imagine any button or movement that is not possible to assign to your existing controllers (joy+keyboard). Yes, Xbox controller would add few more free axis+buttons to use with camera controls, that can be handy if you wish to create sim videos and etc. But otherwise you can use keyboard for many controls. If this helps you, here is my setup - F1 to F11 keys used for different cockpit views (I don't need their default assignments as I have yoke + throttles, same as you do). Notice that I don't use F12 as this is used by many other programs that I run in background. Numpad keys for moving camera up and down + some more (again - no need of default assign. because I have ChasePlane), Keyboard arrow keys for moving camera left, right, fwd and backwd (just make sure you remove default settings for these in simulator) and finally yokes hat-switch for panning around. I would love to hear any suggestions regarding this. PS. Forgot to add - i use one of my Saitek Cessna yoke horizontal switches for selecting next/previous view in the category, but you can assign this to any 2 of your joysticks buttons.
  13. Are you sure that these outside views where the plane is not visible (probably just cockpit floating in the air) you haven't made by simply moving camera out of cockpit? If this is the case - works as intended. In other words, when you are flying inside the cockpit, fuselage and everything else is not actually drawn in the simulator. Only the cockpit. This is why you see all of the plane and textures when switching to ChasePlanes outside or static or cinematic cameras. Very simple solution - don't make outside cameras by moving out of cockpit. Excuse me if I misunderstood your problem, then just disregard.
  14. Make sure you don't make the same mistake as I did - check if your pilots view is not too far back, that way the eyepoint is inside the headrest. Even damn head movement that happens in FSX (it's notorious bug) can make your camera move into it.
  15. You can set it up by yourself. It's fast and easy. When camera is positioned where you want it, just flip the switch for a/c following if you like it that way.
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