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robert young

Reshade+Master effects installation guidance please

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Would some kind soul please help me out installing Reshade and Master Effects? Step by exact Step would be an advantage! I've downloaded the latest Reshade and Master Effects. I have a 64 bit system running and (obviously) 32 bit FSX, so placed the 32 bit dxgi.dll labelled as DX10 compatible. I am running DX10 mode with DX10 fixer,


ReShade.fx and MasterEffect.h are in the FSX main folder. I have the Master effects folder within the main FSX folder and that folder contains another folder.


I have opened the MasterEffect.h file and assigned scroll lock ley (0x91) to enable effects but nothing is happening, nor is the screen splitting. When I start FSX I get a reashade welcome screen superimposed on the FSX screen. I cannot get the screen to split even though it is enabled in the MasterEffect.h file (zero changed to 1).


I have a feeling the Reshade welcome screen/continue/tutorial etc etc should not be present if Master Effects is also running.


Would someone be kind enough to take me through, In EXACT and excruciating detail (!!) precisely each step of installation and implementation. I just cannot get this to work. I have seen some tutorials but they are not FSX-specific. If someone could help me out they would make my day. Thank you.

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Robert, I followed the instructions on this page successfully (for P3D and FSX both), check the 3rd comment from the bottom:


EDIT: I never placed anything into either of my sim folders, ReShade Assistant.exe placed a symbolic link in each sim folder instead, the actual MasterEffect.h resides in my Reshade installation folder.


EDIT again: I'm afraid I'm not much help as I'm using ReShade 2.0.3 which I just realized is completely different than 3.0.6. ReShade 2.0.3 installs into it's own permanent folder and supplies a utility that makes these symbolic links for you inside your sim folder(s). That's all it places into the actual sim folder, the symlink points back to the ReShade installation folder and all the code associated with the effect resides there. I guess the downside to that would be you'd have to use the same effect in FSX that you use in P3D but I found the preset I'm using works great in either sim. ReShade 3.0.6 seems to install right into the sim folder itself which I guess would allow a unique effect for each game but I'm not sure how you'd use MasterEffect with it TBH because there's no ReShade.fx but a ReShade.fxh instead. Rename? Maybe there's a compatible version of MasterEffect? I dunno, it ain't broke so I'm not gonna fix it. :smile:


Anyway you can still get ReShade 2.0.3 here if you want to go that route instead:


I could write a little tutorial for 2.0.3 and the "Realistic Lighting" preset if you're interested. Let me know.

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Hi Jim,


Thanks very much for this info. I'm not sure what is meant by symbolic links but I'll try to work it out from your description. There are a few Youtube videos but the tutorial types are not connected with FSX specifically. The reshade menu does come up but no split screen occurs and no param values show, so there is something wrong in the way I have installed Master effects etc.


Maybe I'll try reshade 2.0.3 as you suggest. Thanks again for taking the trouble.

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