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How to run P3D smooth?

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Hi all!


I'm using Fsx for years and it's running very smooth with almost all sliders to max and all shadows and bloom selected.


Recently I made the switch to P3D v3 and I must say... Wow what a difference. Beautiful lighting and shadows. I really like it but I have 1 big problem... The frames are jumping all over the place.

It's jumping from 100 to 17 to 30 etc...

Especially when I look around it stutters like crazy and above big citys like Amsterdam it's total drama.


I've tried to lock the frames at 30 or 60 but no luck.


Now I'm using Fsx again because of this.

Does anybody have any tips to get a smooth flight in P3D??


These are my specs:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 OC 3.84Ghz

AMD Radeon R200 / HD 7900 3GB



I would really be happy with steady 30fps (and 20 with the PMDG 737)



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I can set my FS monitor to 30 Hz which I did. In addition I set VSync and Triple Buffer on in P3D, framerate unlimited. This gives me a pretty smooth experience with ~30 fps, give or take 1-2. 


I didn't invent these settings, they're somewhere around this forum.


Kind regards, Michael

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I'm running 30,5 locked in NI + unlocked in P3D quite OK. Maybe give it go.

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Thanks guys! My monitor is 60Hz and so far I know I can't change that :(

I tried to lock my frames in amd software too but I does nothing... :(

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Oh, very sorry, I totally missed you are using an AMD card. In that case, my suggestion doesn't apply.

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Thanks anyway! Then I think I'm screwed... I will stick with FSX for now

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