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How do you use the throttle when landing in FSX?

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Hello everyone,

My question is quite general but I only fly PMDG in my FSX:SE. I am using the Saitek Yoke with quadrant (ordering another quadrant for the Queen). I only use it manually when taxiing and take off, after TOGA push it 100% and that is it until about 50ft from touch down I disconnect the auto throttle and idle. When I use MD11 I just wait until auto throttle disconnect and then idle the throttle.
I want to do it manually during landing but it is quite hard since I still don't have the feeling of the quadrant yet.

How about you?

Hoang Le

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I'm sure you will hear several opinions about how to use the throttle. But the way I do it is once I'm stabilized in the landing configuration and speed using approach mode and auto-throttle, typically inside the outer marker (a nice reminder to drop your landing gear as well) I disconnect auto-throttle first and manually adjust the throttle levers to establish an approach pitch angle of about 3 degrees, nose up on the Primary Flight Display. Your FMC should give you calculated approach speeds with various flap configurations, so you have a target reference, but in any aircraft really, at any particular weight, and with any given landing configuration, once established on the glideslope, assuming your not at full fuel, the pitch attitude of the aircraft provides strong visual cues for the amount of power you need to apply or remove on final.

Best from Baltimore,
Alex Christoff

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