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Can I use DX10 Fixer with multiple fsx.cfg files?

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I haven't purchased this program because I don't believe it will work easily for me.  I almost never start my FSX with the default fsx.cfg file.   I have half a dozen or so different *.cfg files I use, depending on what type of aircraft I plan to fly (single engine, twin prop, helicopter, jet,...).  Each has a different control.ini file and other settings suitable for that type of flying.  I start FSX with a custom desktop icon and an FSX command line switch (-cfg:).


Can DX10 fixer be set to alter files other than the standard FSX.cfg?  If not I assume I would have to manually switch my custom cfg files back and forth to fsx.cfg every time I made a change to or from DX10 mode.  Will the fixer control panel recognize when I change FSX.cfg files?  In other words, say I set DX10 mode active and the Fixer control panel sets up my FSX.cfg file appropriately.  I then switch it with another of my cfg files.  Will the Fixer control panel now recognize DX10 is not setup in this FSX.cfg (And vice versa)?


Thanks in advance for any replies.






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I don't think you will have a problem .


The fixer has two components the controller and the run time.   The run time doesn't access fsx.cfg


The controller is used to set options that control the run time  (e.g how fog is handled) - these go into a fixer configuration file not fsx.cfg 


Now the controller can interact with fsx.cfg in the following ways


1)  There is an editor for setting some standard tweakable values  such as Affinity Mask which you can simply ignore


2)   There is a diagnostics button which checks that settings in the fixer and fsx.cfg make sense - you can simply ignore this.


3)  There is an option to switch between DX9 and DX10 which just changes the D3D10 setting in fsx.cfg  - you can ignore this  or use it to switch whichever is currently the live fsx.cfg.  I don't know what you want here - you could take say your 5 variants and create 5 more DX10 variants or you could load your helicopter fsx.cfg and switch it to DX10 mode.


It will display whatever value is set in the fsx.cfg that is live when it is launched.  If the current fsx.cfg is in dx9 mode then you cannot change the fixer settings but then you wouldn't be flying in DX10...


4)  There is an option to view and change the DX10 antialiasing settings  - there are 3 values that are relevant for this from fsx.cfg - these settings don't effect DX9 - you could set the settings in your DX10 variants - or you could just update your existing 5 fsx.cfg files with the appropriate DX10 AA settings.

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