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Hello folks, for some reason my plane and the AI planes are not showing up on the map.

Im connected and all else seems to be working, but no planes what so ever.

I have reloaded with no promising results.

What am I doing wrong folks.


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Hi Robert,


Can you see updates about you user aircraft in the "Simulator Aircraft" dock window like changing coordinates or altitude?


Maybe you accidentally switched off the aircraft display on the map if the answer to the last question is yes.

Menu "Map" -> "Show Aircraft" and "Show AI and Multiplayer Aircraft".



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Yessir ,  their all checked. I have even loaded the software and no luck.

As I said I went to map and checked the airplane show button and all is checked in.

completely nothing


Also Im still in the clouds when it comes to flight planning, seems a little diffucult.

Your buttons do not do what you say they do when pushed.

you say  go to files and click on new flight plan. nothing happens their either, nothing opens.


So I dont know, its starting to get irritating  should not be this hard.



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Hi RobertC


Understand software can be frustrating when you can't get it to work as we have all had this problem at one time or another.


May I encourage you to stick with it as Little NavMap is very enjoyable to use once you get the hang of it.


Firstly re showing the aircraft have you connected Little NavMap to your flight simulator by choosing "Flight Simulator Connection" from the "Tools" menu? I know you said you are connected but just checking this is the way you did it. Also you may need to zoom in on the map to see your plane. Suggest you zoom right into the airport you are sitting at and confirm that you can see your plane.


Re "New Flight Plan", this just starts you off with a new blank flight plan. This best way  to add to the  flight plan is to use the "Search Window" from the "Windows"menu. You can also view the Flight Plan from the Flight Plan option in the "Windows" menu.


There is a great manual available from the "Help" menu. Even just a 5 minute skim of the manual will help enormously in learning the product.


All the best with it and don’t hesitate to ask questions if Alex or I can help.

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Hi Robert,


start a session and send me the log files to my e-mail address you can find on my profile here. You can access the log files in the about dialogs of both applications (Navmap and Navconnect if you are using a networked setup). I'm not sure if you're using a networked or direct connection.


I already explained the meaning of the "New Flight Plan" menu item in the other post. It has its use but please ignore this for now.


Creating a flight plan is not hard in my opinion and there are several way to do this:

On the map:

  1. Zoom to departure airport and right click on it.
  2. Choose "Set airport .... as Flight Plan Departure" from the context menu.
  3. Now zoom to destination airport and right click on it. Choose "Set airport .... as Flight Plan Destination".
  4. That's it. Now you have a flight plan with a direct connection. There are several ways to add navaids to it.

In the search window as Paul mentioned:

  1. Enter airport name or ICAO ident in one of the search fields. You will see a list of matching airport(s) in the result table below.
  2. Right click on one of the airports in the list. Choose "Set airport .... as Flight Plan Departure".
  3. Repeat the same for destination.
  4. Again you have a flight plan with a direct connection.

Using the route description:

  1. Main menu: "Flight Plan" -> "New Flight Plan from Route Description". This will open a dialog.
  2. Enter departure and destination ICAO codes separated by a space for the airports in the upper field (e.g. "KORD KJFK").
  3. Click "Read Route Description".
  4. If no error shows up: Click "Create Flight Plan".
  5. You get another flight plan with a direct connection.

Easiest way to fill this direct connections with navaids is to use the calculation functions:

Main menu: "Flight Plan" -> "Calculate low Altitude" or one of the others.

Or you can click the yellow line on the map and drag it to the navaids you'd like to add.



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Update for all others who have this problem:


There were a lot of SimConnect errors in the log file:

[2017-... default WARN ]  unknown:0: Error during "DATA_REQUEST_ID_AI_AIRCRAFT"
[2017-... default WARN ]  unknown:0: Error fetching data from simulator.

After reinstalling SimConnect (see here) aircraft show up now.



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