AiTracker X 1.04 released

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Hello @ll,

the AiTracker X version 1.04 has been released today. Customers will be notified by SimMarket.


This update has a new method for handling the internal AI model database, so after installation you will have to build the list back up again. I am sorry about that, but moving the list to an external database file was the only way to preserve it for future updates.


All Lorby-SI addons have been moved to a dedicated Loby-SI folder in your start menu - so please uninstall the previous version and then install the new one. Otherwise you will end up having both entries in your startmenu.

Your saved recordings won't be affected by the uninstall.

Here is the changelog:

Date 16.02.2017
Version 1.04 b7
- Bugfix: Fixed data error in binary recording protocol (wrong datatype)
- Change: forced scheduler subwindow to parent center.

Date 15.02.2017
Version 1.04 b6
- Change: Changed airport name display in main list (shortname + tooltip)
- Change: Option for aircraft flying formation to show tiny movement deviations
- Bugfix: AI interceptor starting parked cannot intercept user aircraft

Date 03.01.2017
Version 1.04 b5
- Change: Implemented gauge installer window for AITX radar

Date 12.12.2016
Version 1.04 b4
- Change: Delete all AI, not only those that you created yourself

Date 04.12.2016
Version 1.04 b3
- Change: Implemented airport name database

Date 29.11.2016
Version 1.04 b2
- Change: Aircraft models are saved to an external database file

Date 27.11.2016
Version 1.04 b1
- Change: Directional repositioning of "following" AI

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Many thanks appreciate the support for a very good product.

Feature request.

Would it be possible to add a checkbox to popup windows that says "do not show again". Other apps do this. Problem with notification pop ups are they break immersion in a variety of different situations especially VR. The "aircraft change detected" popup is a problem for me because I have to jump out of VR to click it when I'm fully aware that the aircraft has changed.

Feature request.

It would be great if you could introduce the AI Timer not just to flightplan AI's but waypoint and binary recording AI's.

No probs if you cannot do it because of time and budget limitations. Just throwing it out there.

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Hi glider1,

sure, not a problem. The two items are on the backlog for version 1.05. I think I will use my timed message window, so they pop up and go away after a few seconds by themselves.

Best regards

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That's good news thanks, timed boxes are good so long as they allow you to keep interacting with the app even while they are up.

Question about binary recordings. If I fired a few binary recordings off simultaneously, what part of the simulator is taking the biggest performance hit and would multiple simultaneous recordings cripple the sim? I tried two simultaneous recordings the other day and it seemed fine but then I got some big stutters at random times but I'm not sure if those stutters were from unrelated causes in my sim environment.

I have used an app called Simlogger for replaying up to ten aircraft without a noticeable performance hit. It samples the aircraft every two seconds and interpolates its position and bank angle in between works really well even when planes are in tight turns. Is that what your waypoint recording feature does if I set it to record a waypoint every two seconds?

If you are busy developing coding, no need to reply because my questions are low priority.


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I'm sorry, I somehow missed your post.

Binary recordings: I haven't tried running multiple recordins at once. But I am currently experimenting with allowing the user to record more than one aircraft at the same time. I am not sure yet if this can work. Performance wise the recording itself should not have an impact on the sim - it is only reading data from the stream.

Waypoint recording: that is a completely different technology. It reads and saves waypoint information every few seconds (depending on the sampling rate that you select). When a waypoint recording is played back, the aircraft that is displayed is a full AI aircraft under control of the simulator - the waypoints are sent to it as "guidelines", it will follow them at it's own pace and capabilities. So in this scenario an aircraft will only do what AI are capable of - it is unsuitable for example for aerobatics. The option is intended for creating AI to fly a certain pattern, like I have shown in my video. That pattern can be created with the built-in flightplanner of the sim and then imported into a waypoint recording. That way the aircraft will fly more "naturally". But this technique works for all sim objects, you could build a waypoint list for a ship just as easily.

Best regards


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Absolutely glowing report on AITrackerX binary recordings. I did a glider task today. Flew the course once with my glider doing a binary recording. Then reloaded and timed four AI binary playbacks of the flight 2 minutes, then 1 minute either side of launch time. Then with four recordings firing off on schedule, I started another binary recording running simultaneously with the playbacks.

Worked perfectly.

Then next reload, I had two real binary recordings which I timed for a playback start so that all the gliders would hypothetically land around the same time and then recorded my next flight simultaneously.

Worked perfectly! At one stage I had six AI binary playbacks going and one recording at the same time. There might have been a 1-2fps hit but there is no need for AI traffic when these playbacks are running so you turn it off and get the 1-2fps back.

Well done. The limitation of this software is only your imagination!

I also saved the playback timer schedule but never got around to loading it up to test it. Nice feature!

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