737 Immersion vs Precipit FX

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sorry for the dumb question but how is 737 Immersion compare to Precipit FX? is 737 immersion including also what's inside Precipit FX or is it a completely different thing?

finally and similarly to my first question, how does everything fit If i already have AS16 context. Can they all coexist or i am getting redundant software?

thank you


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  1. Touchdown   
  2. Contrails   
  3. Wingtip Vortices   
  4. Jet Blasts   
  5. Wheels Spray   
  6. Rain & Snow Replacement


737 Immersion:

  1. Volumetric rain for landing lights  
  2. Volumetric landing lights  
  3. Volumetric wing lights  
  4. Volumetric taxi lights  
  5. Volumetric turnoff lights  
  6. Volumetric beacon lights  
  7. Volumetric strobe lights  
  8. Volumetric logo lights  
  9. Wing condensation  
  10. Flaps vortices  
  11. Contrails  
  12. Engine condensation  
  13. Engine jet wash effects on water and snow  
  14. Wheels water and snow effects  
  15. Brake dust  
  16. Touchdown effect  
  17. Engine cold start smoke


Any effect present in both will be overridden by 737 Immersion.


I hope this answers your question!

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