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     I installed the update (not the full install) on top of  I'm noticing a lot of random crashes in this version.  I will work on collecting the screen shots of the exception dialogs.

    Specifically though, a couple of things i noticed that aren't crashes:

      - after i installed, my PTT joystick button setting got removed, and the setting went back to disabled in the config/btns dialog.

      - I was flying from Miami to Dallas.  I have the copilot responds to atc and changes radio settings on.  After the copilot changed the radio, and initiated contact with the new ATC center, the grammer text turned green, but the ATC center did not respond.  I constantly had to repeat what the copilot said, and then it would respond, roger radar contact.  I don't think this would be specific to that route, but i have not tried to reproduce it yet.

     - i've attached one screenshot of a crash.  I entered in start/end airports then clicked auto plan, and got the exception dialog.





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Regarding the PTT joystick button being disabled, I just realized that i may have plugged in the joystick to the usb port after p2atc was already up and running.  If you don't process those notifications after the app is running that might explain why it was disabled.

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Hi Joe.

Thanks for the report.

On the PTT, yes it makes sense that it would not handle the Joystick not being installed.  It looks for the joystick that was set when it first comes up and if not found, has to disable the setting since it can't execute it.

On the crash, I've tried it in the next update without a problem.

On the copilot issue, please email me the screenshot of P2A when it happens and the log file so I can investigate.



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