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  1. Sorry, meant to post this in the users forum, not the bug forum.
  2. Hi Dave, I know i've probably brought this up before. I find that fairly often p2a just randomly skips ahead many way points ahead of where i really am, in terms of which one is highlighted in the teal color which it thinks is next for some reason. As you can in the picture link i attached I had only just passed Orcka in the waypoint list, but p2a for some reason thinks that Kepec is next and highlights that one. The FMS still has the correct next waypoint highlighted. You can also see in the say it window that it it's giving be decent instructions way before it's time. It seems to still give me the correct atc hand off frequencies though. So i don't really know what's going on lol. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Epqjv2eCE4Vwn62t1 Is this still a known issue? If it's a problem that's hard to fix, or you don't know yet what's causing it, it would be nice if there were an option, when you click on the up arrow next to waypoint in the waypoint list, to force the p2a system to reset itself back to that waypoint. At least then we can correct it. Btw, this is stock XPlane 11.11, with the 2.0.0 XPUIPC plugin. Thanks, Joe
  3. Are you sure your ip address hasn't changed, and that you need to update it in the XPUIPC ini file? That's usually my problem when I can't connect all of a sudden. Joe
  4. Hi Dave, The issue happened again this morning. There is an exception in the log. Here are the entire contents of the log after the app booted in that state. Program StartedPilot 2 ATC (P2A) - version 01/22/2018 09:29:41 Application frmP2AMain starting 01/22/2018 09:30:13 Loading Form Main form openned: Pilot2ATC 2018 v. AIRAC cycle: 1705 Error in frmP2AMain Load System.InvalidOperationException: SplitterDistance must be between Panel1MinSize and Width - Panel2MinSize. at System.Windows.Forms.SplitContainer.set_SplitterDistance(Int32 value) at P2A_2018.frmP2AMain.s() at P2A_2018.frmP2AMain.q() at P2A_2018.frmP2AMain.az(Object A_0, EventArgs A_1) Joe
  5. So, ever since i hit the FPL button after it started in the weird state to get the flight plan to draw correctly, now every time i boot it up, everything draws correctly. Maybe some setting got stuck in a weird state in the settings file/registry or whatever? If it happens again, i will send you the logs. Joe
  6. More info, when it comes up in the weird state, if i toggle the FPL button on the top right, the flight plan window draws correctly. But there's nowhere for me to do anything to flip the map visibility state except that arrow button.
  7. Also, it's not once a day. I ran it when I posted a little over an hour ago, restarted so it came up correctly, then exited. Then i let the computer sit for an hour. Came back, and it launched in the weird state again. It doesn't appear to be a drawing problem. No matter what i do (minimize, maximize, F5 refresh, etc), i just doesn't draw those two areas. Joe
  8. Hi, that's not it. I've attached before and after shots of pressing that arrow button. before: https://photos.app.goo.gl/FU5XAU9JlrAca4tf2 after: https://photos.app.goo.gl/0syusT5zL3o9qmct2 It's totally weird. It only happens if I don't launch the app for a couple of days. Almost like there's a windows task in the windows task scheduler that is cleaning up some cache file once a day or something. Then when i launch the app, it comes up in that weird state. But once i close the app when it's in that state and relaunch it, it comes up correctly. At that point I can keep closing and reopening the app back to back and it launches fine. Then once it sits for a day or two, it comes back up in the weird state. Thanks, Joe
  9. Hi, Every time I start up p2atc for the first time in a day or so, it always starts up with a black blank map and waypoint area of the window. If after it starts up, i exit the app and start it again, it comes up like it should with the map and default entries in the waypoint area. I've attached a screen shot of the way it starts the first time with black areas. It's been doing this for a while (several versions). Any idea why this is happening? https://photos.app.goo.gl/V7zGBBRlGpc0McY73 Thanks, Joe
  10. What is the best way to solve this (other than altering the off course distance)? If i were to get a navigraph subscription, would the best approach be to update the navigraph db in xplane 11 to match the airac cycle you have in pilot 2 atc? Or could I update both xplane and p2a to have the latest version of the airac cycle (if this would even fix it). I checked x-plane 11.11, and it's using the october 2016 - november 2016 airac cycle, and p2a is using 201705 (I believe). btw, after the first way point, the navigation lines match between p2a and the fms. It just seems to be that first segment. Thanks, Joe
  11. Hi, Not sure what is causing this, whether it's xplane 11.11 or p2a 2.4.x. I've flown 2 flights now, one from KJFK to KROC, and one from KORD to KDEN. In both cases, i built the flight plan, and it was exported to the xplane fms output directory and i loaded it into the FMS. The initial route line from leaving the airport to the first waypoint has been off a decent amount, compared to what the airplane instruments show. Screenshot is attached for the KORD-KDEN route. You can see that on the plane's gps display, i'm right on top of the route line, but in p2a I'm a decent amount off the line. ATC keeps telling me i'm off course, and giving me vectors back to the line it thinks is correct. But, when i'm on auto pilot, i can't get back to the p2a line cuz the plane gps thinks the line is different. Not sure what's going on here, but i have never seen this prior to 2.4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MBew6p5L0uH1TprI3 Joe
  12. SlimDX runtime install fixed it for me as well. (solved airport issue and connection to x-plane issue) Where did you guys find the log file that had those errors in it? Will come in useful if something like this happens again, so i can report the errors in the log. Thanks, Joe
  13. I installed the Navigraph version. The exe is in the correct new folder. There is no subfolder in the older 32 bit folder. Joe