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  1. OK, thanks for the info. And yeah, i get the issues with the different sims being a problem. That's both the upside and downside with onair.
  2. If you have AH2 for MSFS and X-Plane (2 separate apps), can you use the same company between the two? Joe
  3. ok. when i add the new points to P2A, the green color on the 'file flight plan' button goes away. is that ok, and P2A will continue to use the flight plan i filed but with the amended star/approach? Joe
  4. Hi, I have a question about the right way to do this in Pilot2Atc. I have the options set to let the app choose the star and approach (also have auto load procedures unchecked). So i set up my departure/destination airport and enter the sid and enroute waypoints, and just put in a destination runway setting, and then file the flight plan. that works fine, and all is well. When i get close to the star general area, it tells me the star and transition, and i put that in the FMC of the plane. At this point though, the Pilot2Atc flight plan doesn't update with the procedure it gave me. And when the plane starts flying the star, the app is telling me i'm off course cuz it only has a direct line from the last waypoint directly to the destination airport...but the plane is flying the star. So my question is, is there a way to get the star and approach to get put into the app flight plan and have it calculate the right TOD all as if it was entered the same way if I was forcing the star and approach? Cuz the other issue is, it stops giving me the correctly actions after that. like it never tells me to descend out of the cruise altitude, etc. Thanks, Joe
  5. Hey Dave, I have a 2 monitor setup. I usually run flight sim on the main monitor, and P2A on the 2nd. That all works fine for the main window. However, when I pull up some modal/modeless dialog windows (specifically: Add Waypoint, Modify Waypoint - the one with the add/remove airways, Load Airway) they always come up on the primary monitor. Even when i move them over to the secondary monitor, the next time i pull them up, they come back up on the primary monitor. The Info and Config Window never do this, they always come up on the monitor where the main frame window is. Sometimes the SID/STAR windows come up on primary, but mostly they come up on the secondary...i don't have a reproducible case for these. But the waypoint ones always exhibit this behavior. It's mostly a pain in MSFS 2020 cuz i can't run in windows mode due to lost fps, and it's nearly impossible to get the waypoint windows to be visible to a point where i can even move them back. Anyway, is it possible to get those (and whatever else you can find) to at minimum come up on the monitor where the main app is? Preferably they would come back up on the last monitor you had them displayed on (even across app shutdown and launches). The main window does this. It always launches to my secondary monitor cuz that's where i had it last (though the startup window that shows loading percentage always comes up on the primary window first, but once that closes the main window comes up on the second monitor correctly). Thanks Joe
  6. Hi, I turned on live multiplayer traffic (Not AI Traffic) and P2A didn't show anything when i clicked the show in air traffic button. There were some people around me as i saw their labels above their planes in the air. The show ground traffic did show a couple planes at the airport i was at, but I didn't see anyone else at the airport. Not sure where they came from. Not sure if this is expected or not. Joe
  7. Ah Yes, i did not make the calls to the tower, probably when i should have. Thanks for the info. Joe
  8. Hey Dave, I ran into a couple of issues tonight, with MSFS 2020. Not sure if these are specific to MSFS or not, but here they are (I sent an email do the admin email with the exception screenshot and the log file): 1) I completed two flights in MSFS/P2A, both VFR short trips. For the 3rd trip i went to load in a flight plan and it gave me the exception in the screenshot. Of note, when I quit p2a and restarted and loaded the same flight plan it loaded in fine. So must be something related to trying to load after a flight completes. 2) On both VFR flights i did i was talking to the tower and in both cases it told me to expect the correct runway, but after that, never gave me any further instructions like cleared to land or anything. I noticed a couple of errors in the log that might be related. The first flight was KRAL - KLGB, secon flight was KLGB - KSNA. I did the Auto generate plan option and it gave me basic flight plans which i followed. ATC handoffs occurred as expected throughout. Only had the problem when landing at the destination with the tower. I'm using the latest, with airac 2008. Thanks, Joe
  9. I assume the answer to this is no, but i figured i'd ask anyway since the app worked as is without many changes. Does P2A see any traffic (AI or live) from the sim at the moment? I haven't turned on traffic yet, but was just wondering. Thanks, Joe
  10. I was having the exact same issue. I figured out what was causing it for me. I was using this with X-Plane and i had the weather set to "Sim Weather" in the Config page (Config button on the right of the main UI window in P2A) on the Wx Tab. I changed that to NOAA Real Weather, and now it's working. I doubt P2A can talk to the MSFS weather engine at the moment, though Dave would have to confirm. Joe
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