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  1. Hi Dave, I've seen this on a bunch of flights recently, but just captured it now in a screen shot. On some flights (probably more than not), On the descent path there will be an altitude that is out of range where it should be. Like at 3 consecutive waypoints, i'll see altitudes like: 12000 (KADDY), 9400 (TYSSN), 10000(SUZSI) as shown in the screen shot. This flight was KPHX - KLAS. You can see the SID, STAR, and Approach settings in the screen shot. I assume that is not normal. Let me know if you want the log for this flight, and i'll email them. Thanks, Joe https://photos.app.goo.gl/S1tsVca84Jm1z6rH6
  2. Hmm, i am having the same problem here, flying KLAX to KLAS. It's a direct SID to STAR route. Flight level was 290. At some point, the app just freezes, and i have to kill it. I will redo the flight and try lowering the altitude as well. Joe
  3. mihalich

    Dave, has SO MANY improvements. - I don't know what you did, but the performance is sooooo much better in this version. was really slow, laggy, and a pain to get things done quickly. Zooming in and out is like lightening fast now. - The taxi-way mnt stuff works great now - The ability to force set the runway now for airports that have no sid/star is awesome. (I assume this is new and i have not just ever seen it before in the sid/star windows, lol) - I was having all sorts of problems entering in a route from KORD (which has no SIDs) to KROC which has no STARs in, it was almost impossible to make a flight plan. That is all fixed now in this version. Good Work! Joe
  4. Is there any chance of getting this fixed in any way? It's quite a pain in the neck to make the small changes i'm trying to make just to set up the hold short points after import. Joe
  5. Actually it's not the point id or name directly. The same thing happens to me when i load in KORD (unmodified from p2atc stock install), and try to do the same things. Joe
  6. If i had to wager a guess as to what's going on i would think it has something to do with multiple taxiway points having the same name (or id), and the code is getting confused by that. I've noticed when i import taxiways from xplane a lot of taxi points show up with the same name in p2atc. Joe
  7. Hi Dave, I don't know what's going on with the gate and taxiway maintenance window, but i'm having problems working with the taxi points in the editor. The same thing happens to me on any airport i try to modify. I've created 2 videos that show the issues, links are below. The problem happens when i'm selecting points to modify the taxi point type, or delete it. I will select a point, right click and delete it. Then i go select another point, and when i select it, the previous point displays again on the screen, and when i right click on the new point i selected, the delete taxiway point option is grayed out. I have to click off the point, (at which point the old point disappears again), and then select the point again for the delete taxi point option to enable. Similarly, occasionally I'll select a point, and set the taxi point type, then select a new point, and delete it, but the first point i selected and modified the type on, actually gets deleted, not the one i selected. Btw, not sure if it's related to this or not, but i imported the taxiways from x-plane 11 in the cases where this happens. Haven't tried with the built in taxiways to see if it happens with those too. Not sure when this started...i'm on the latest version. Joe Selection, modify, select new point, delete's old point: Selection/delete grayed out issue:
  8. mihalich

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    I have this configuration set up, and p2atc see's all the traffic and it's great. I get the number 2 for landing instructions, which is also great. One question though. Under what circumstances (in this configuration) would i get a 'line up and wait' instruction? I've been in a line of 4 planes, and moved my way up to the hold short point, and then called in with ready for departure at that point. P2ATC always just gives me the cleared for takeoff instruction even if the other plane on the runway hasn't gotten off the ground yet. Wondering what order of steps others are doing to get this instruction. Thanks, Joe
  9. mihalich

    Weird TOD in

    Nice, thanks. Joe
  10. mihalich

    Weird TOD in

    Btw, there appears to be another small bug while you're in there looking at this...just saw this by accident. It appears that if you add a way point, and then delete it, and then add another waypoint, it adds the new waypoint, but also re-adds the one you deleted. Steps: - Launch app - add waypoint KJFK - click on icon left side of jfk and click Remove in the window - add back waypoint KJFK - add waypoint KROC - now in the waypoint list, you have KJFK, KROC, KJFK. Reproducible, so should be easy to find. Joe
  11. mihalich

    Weird TOD in

    BTW, i just repeated those exact steps and got the exact same TOD right before the approach. The problem starts when i select the STAR. After selecting the star (before selecting the approach), the TOD is right at the last star waypoint. Joe
  12. mihalich

    Weird TOD in

    Hi, I didn't use the auto plan. I entered as follows: 1) Enter KLGB way point (manually) 2) Enter KLAS way point (manually) 3) Click SID button, selected Runway 30, ZOOM1 with MISEN trasition 4) Click STAR button, selected KEPEC6 with MISEN transition 5) Click APPR button, selected 01L ILS with Vectors to CODNO 6) Selected cruise altitude 270 7) Filed flight plan (Ground speed 450 and Descent 1200FPM were auto populated from previous flight) Joe
  13. mihalich

    Weird TOD in

    Hi Dave, Was flying from KLGB to KLAS (see attached screen of p2atc setup). The TOD looks like it was calculated incorrectly for some reason. You can see it put the TOD almost at the approach start. https://photos.app.goo.gl/nYJZncLTz3PCicKH2 Joe
  14. mihalich

    App is locking up adding SID

    cool, thanks. Joe
  15. mihalich

    App is locking up adding SID

    Aha! I know what it is lol. This may have something to do with your new TOD code you mentioned that went into this update. The last flight i did, had a cruise altitude of FL380. So when i added the start airport of KLAS this time, it auto populated the cruise altitude of FL380. When selecting the sid first after entering the two airports it locks up. If i first change the cruise altitude to FL300, and then enter the airports, then the SID it works fine. So i think maybe you're spinning trying to figure out how to ascend to that altitude or something? I think that's too high for this flight anyway. Anyway, i verified this is the problem by doing this: 1) Launch App 2) Set Cruise altitude to FL300 3) Add airports KLAS, KLAX 4) Add sid (26R, Boach8, Rikii), all points are entered, no lockup 5) Change cruise altitude to FL380. App locks up here. Joe