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  1. Hi Dave, With the latest beta 5T, when i launch P2ATC, it launches into the frmGrammar window, with no way for me to get to the main app. Joe
  2. Not to hijack this thread, but I had the same exact issue today on approach to KBUF. I will email my log file to you as well. Joe
  3. Hi Dave, Not a big deal but just wanted to point this out. There is one place where i notice it still saying winds instead of whinds. This occurs when you're on final, but don't tell atc you're on final. At some point, not too far from the runway, atc just tells you cleared to land. In that communication it says winds when it gives you the wind info. I only noticed this cuz i often forget to tell atc i'm on final, lol. Thanks, Joe
  4. Hmm, ok. Does having an approach selected include me select "Vectors to <iaf>" as the approach? That's what i usually chose and it only shows me the "on final path". Or do i actually have to specify a actual iaf in the approach to get it to show? Joe
  5. Yeah, the one to the right of the map is the one i was talking about. The only thing it shows for me ever, is the final approach line. It does not show any vector path, until it actually vectors me. Joe
  6. Dave, also on this subject, i have a feature request that would be really nice. If the app knows it's going to vector you off the flight plan path, it would be nice it this could be indicated ahead of time somehow so we can adjust our descent profile accordingly. A lot of times, since we don't know if a vector is really going to happen, and then it does and cuts off significant distance, i wind up being way too high at the initial vector point. I was thinking one of two ways would work: 1) Have the approach button show what the currently anticipated vector path will be at least by TOD. I thought i read in a previous beta release notes that the APPR button was supposed to do this now. Maybe i misread it though. 2) Sometime at or shortly after TOD, it could give a verbal indication of the vectors like, "expect vectors at <fix/waypoint>, descend to cross <fix/waypoint> at <required-altitude-at-initial-vector-waypoint>" ...or however it would be done irl. Thanks, Joe
  7. Hey Dave, First I've attached the full log for this issue. This has happened to me more than once, but it's not consistent. Versions of Software: Xplane: XP 11 (11.5 Latest) P2ATC: Latest Beta 8B I was doing a flight in XP-11 from KMCO - KEWR. The flight plan was setup as: FATHE3 VIYAP Q87 JROSS DCT FLO DCT TUBAS DCT FOZZY DCT FAK PHLBO3, with the approach as ILS 22L. At or around MARRT in the STAR, it vectored me off the STAR, which was fine. Given that it gives you the vectors right at the point where you need to turn, it takes like 10-ish seconds to get the flight into HDG mode and the heading modified to turn in the right direction towards the vector path. As such, by the time i got the plane turned and headed towards the path i was a tiny bit beyond the diverging point (initial vector waypoint) off the star. Still all good. It gave me a heading update to get me back to the vector path. However, it did not update the active waypoint to be the next waypoint in the vector. It must have not thought that i passed the initial waypoint. Cuz shortly after i was back on course, it told me to turn in the opposite direction to head back to the initial waypoint of the vector path. In the log, the vectoring starts on line 1484. The sending me in the opposite direction happens at line 1595. Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xmnZKKmAF0_5sABUbFYA3KTESVFG4XEF/view?usp=sharing Thanks, Joe
  8. In the latest beta (2e), the text to speech engine is reading things differently than it used to. not a bug, just a little annoying. like when it reads off the wind info on take off, it pronounces "winds" as w-eye-nds. also reads back flight numbers strangely too. Not sure if this changed on 2e specifically. I was a few versions behind before i upgraded. Thanks, Joe
  9. Yeah, not sure, but it happens every time. not a big deal. also, occasionally i get errors in some of the tiles saying they failed to load.
  10. Hi, Not sure if you're aware of this or not. When i launch p2atc (latest release or the latest public beta), when the app comes up the first time, the street map view is all blurred out like nothing loaded. The only way to get it to display is to select a different mode like topo or satellite view, then switch back. at that point, it draws correctly. Joe
  11. OK, thanks for the info. And yeah, i get the issues with the different sims being a problem. That's both the upside and downside with onair.
  12. If you have AH2 for MSFS and X-Plane (2 separate apps), can you use the same company between the two? Joe
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