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  1. Dave, It turns out it was the ATC Assigns SIDs unchecked that fixed the SID/Departure problem. I had tried this before, but i unchecked the option, and then didn't unload the SID it forced on me before re-filing the flight plan, so the SID stayed there. Once I unchecked the option, unloaded the SID, and re-filed, it did not add in the SID for me. Thanks for the help, Joe
  2. Also, as an aside, that TOD seems late for FL 280...not sure if it's cuz of the descent rate or not. Joe
  3. Here are screen shots before and after clicking File: Before: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TPrXkBdCBSS2ZmYeA After: https://photos.app.goo.gl/w5hFrAJfLygW1tgD8 Joe
  4. Ok, is there a setting somewhere that causes it not to generate a SID in this case? Cuz there's nothing i can do that will make it file and not give me one. Joe
  5. Hi Dave, I want to verify if this direct to behavior is correct. FYI, I went through the manual about this feature so i understood how it's supposed to work, and how to make it do what you want before i tried this. So basically, my flight plan was: KJFK (Runway 22R departure) NEION J223 CORDS ULW V31 GIBBE (Approach to runway 22 via vectors to KECKE) KROC. So first things first. Neither flight aware (for the flight i was duplicating) nor sim brief assign a SID out of JFK. I assume that's cuz ATC gives vectors out of the vicinity. So i entered the flight plan as stated above according to sim brief, and that all went in fine. When i went to file the plan, p2a gave me a SID anyway. (DEEZ5 to HEERO). Even if i unchecked the 'ATC assigns SIDS' option in the settings it still did that. There was no way to for me not to get a SID in the flight plan out of jfk when clicking file flight plan. So first question, is this correct behavior that you'd expect? So, i figured, ok, no big deal, p2a will give me vectors after takeoff (which it did), and then i would request a direct to NEION and bypass the SID, no big deal. So after i got out of the NYC area, I went to the direct to window and selected NEION, and clicked the load button. That changed the route to go to NEION, which was expected. I then requested direct to via say it +, and got cleared to NEION. All is good here. The problem now is that after i loaded in the direct to, the flight plan became unfiled (the green border around file went away) and the TOD calculation in the waypoint list, and the pin on the route in the map window both got removed and are no longer in the list. Also, because KROC has no STARs, and the TOD waypoint is gone, it no longer gives me descent instructions or approach vectors to KECKE.. The second question is, does this direct to thing sound like a bug?. I would think direct to would just remove the way points we're bypassing in the list, and keep everything else the same. Thanks for the help with this. Joe
  6. Hi Dave, I've been having this problem at almost every airport. Not sure where the problem is. See the attached picture for reference. Basically, after landing, and switching to ground frequency, i request taxi to a gate, in this case D6 (which i say as Delta 6). As you can see in the picture, there is a gate D6 defined. But P2A seems like it's ignoring me and just gives me a random gate. If i select the gate D6 i want in the info window, and then use say it to "request taxi to gate" it gives me that gate fine. Am i doing something wrong? https://photos.app.goo.gl/TH7Q2Sv9c1xhgHpB7 Thanks, Joe
  7. Hmm, i changed the descent rate to 2200, and that fixed it. You'd think it would have been able to calculate the TOD with 2000, and have it just pushed back a little. Joe
  8. Hi Dave, Running R5, and getting a message saying can't calculate TOD as shown in the screen shot. My flight plan is: KTPA SYKES7 SIMMR REMIS Y280 LEV LINKK1 KIAH. I put in altitude of 32000, which should be attainable. screen shot: https://photos.app.goo.gl/essKAHDrkGSt21Ct7 Thanks, Joe
  9. Whoa, is worse. same flight plan as above. new screen shots below. I had the altitude set to FL 350, but it put plan altitudes at FL 450., and the descent altitudes still go back up. Not sure if this matters, but my waypoint input order was: KDFW, KORD, SID, STAR, APPR, SGF, J105 to WELTS. Let me know if you need the log. takeoff to TOD: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nBx6cjWdVqxt4wjN7 TOD to landing: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JzqAtXyiSR4UZNsXA SID, Star, Appr: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Dn8yxBZ1WQ7mT4LF6 Thanks, Joe
  10. Oh, I just saw there was an R2 and R3 of with altitude calculation fixes. Let me try the latest with the same flight plan. Joe
  11. Hi Dave Still seeing descent altitude problems with what p2a is calculating. picture attached. the route i was taking was: AKUNA7 MLC SGF J105 WELTS TRTLL4. You can it took me down to 11000 then the altitudes went up again. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dJ2UiDearS8VUBTU6 Joe
  12. Hi Dave, I've seen this on a bunch of flights recently, but just captured it now in a screen shot. On some flights (probably more than not), On the descent path there will be an altitude that is out of range where it should be. Like at 3 consecutive waypoints, i'll see altitudes like: 12000 (KADDY), 9400 (TYSSN), 10000(SUZSI) as shown in the screen shot. This flight was KPHX - KLAS. You can see the SID, STAR, and Approach settings in the screen shot. I assume that is not normal. Let me know if you want the log for this flight, and i'll email them. Thanks, Joe https://photos.app.goo.gl/S1tsVca84Jm1z6rH6
  13. Hmm, i am having the same problem here, flying KLAX to KLAS. It's a direct SID to STAR route. Flight level was 290. At some point, the app just freezes, and i have to kill it. I will redo the flight and try lowering the altitude as well. Joe
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