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Favorite Sceneries for 737/747

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I tend to cheat somewhat and use the long-haul planes for shorter than normal trips.  My favorite areas for tooling around in are the Chicago Area (hometown for now), Hawaii, West Coast, and the Caribbean.  Here is what I have now and what I am looking for:

Currently Installed - ORBX Textures, Vector, N/A Landclass, and airports noted below:

1.  Chicago Area
 Meigs - ORBX - purchased
 Midway - Fly Tampa - purchased
 Buffalo - Fly Tampa (will buy this soon)

2.  Hawaii
 All large airports and scenery - LOOKING TO BUY (please someone do this entire chain!  Seems neglected by the big producers- such a beautiful area!)

3.  West Coast
 Northern California - ORBX (will buy soon)
 San Francisco Airport - Flightbeam Studios (will buy soon)
 Las Angles Airport - LOOKING TO BUY
 Las Vegas Airport - LOOKING TO BUY

4. South Florida
 Tampa - Fly Tampa for Tampa or better yet would rather purchase a new Miami Airport (LOOKING TO BUY MODERN MAMI OFFERING)
 St. Marteen - Fly Tampa (will buy soon)

If I had these destinations I think, for 2017 at least, I'd have most of the airports I'd be interested in flying in and out of.

If anyone can vouch for anything in the "LOOKING" category, or knows of something coming down the pike, please let me know.  Also I know there are some airports out there for "LOOKING" category but they seem a little outdated and perhaps on the verge of a new version coming out.  I'd rather wait for the latest if it is known something new is coming.

I've seen the piecemeal offerings for Hawaii, and while they may be OK am really hoping some large developer and gives this area the treatment it deserves in one comprehensive package.


Mark Trainer



Mark Trainer


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Have a look at FSDreamteam, they have LAS, LAX, ORD, and five Hawaiian airports. As for Miami, have a look at LatinVFR. I can't help you with St. Louis, as I don't fly there, but I think ImagineSim might have one.

Captain Kevin


Air Kevin 124 heavy, wind calm, runway 4 left, cleared for take-off.

Live streams of my flights here.

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According to FSDT there are updates in the pipeline for KORD and KLAS. I think KLAS is missing a terminal and taxiways. KORD is missing the two southern east/west runways and 14L/32R is still open. When the updates are coming I have no idea. There might be conflicts between KORD and KMDW since they are so close. I would research it before purchasing KORD.

Michael Cubine

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I have actually stopped flying with FSDT KORD for the moment because online flying at busy times is difficult when your taxiways and runways don't correspond and you annoy the ATC.

I am using a freeware AFCAD for the moment that has all the correct runways and taxiways.



Werner Gillespie CYB2400
Proud member of Cyber Air Virtual Airlines
AVSIM Staff Member

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