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Jimmy RFR

RWDesigns DHC-3 Otter

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New release at the Org.

Graphically looks pretty good. This release looks to be on par with his previous Twin Otter. I have his Twin Otter, and it's decent enough. Didn't quite equal the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended for MSFS, but it was pretty good.

Of course, this does look like the best out what is (for the time being) a pretty limited selection of DHC-3's. I'll likely add this to the shopping list of what to buy once XP11 hits final.

I'm a very huge DHC fan, separately from being into flight simulation. Bit of a hobby, I guess. So it makes me happy whenever a decent looking DHC aircraft is released, regardless of the platform. And slowly, so slowly, there's starting to be choice in quality DHC aircraft to fly in my sims. Got to ride right seat in a Turbo Otter on floats a few years ago. Great experience.


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Thanks for the heads-up. Might have to get this, since I'm another Otter fan.

A radial engine DHC-3 (on wheels, not floats) tried to kill me many years ago, when I was on an airphoto assignment in Costa Rica and it threw a rod over the Tortuguero jungle. The pilot managed to glide over to the coast, but couldn't make it to the nearest airstrip at Parismina. So we ditched in the water just offshore. Too many washed-up logs on the beach for a safe beach landing, so the water was probably the best choice.

Everyone got out okay, but I still have a bump on my head from where the cabin door whacked me after hitting the water and pitching over. Only time I ever had to swim out of an airplane, and luckily haven't had to repeat the experience. 

Anyway, the DHC-3 is a tough old bird, and I have a lot of respect for the design and those who fly them. A bit slow for FSEconomy jobs, but I like using them once in a while just for nostalgia's sake. So i'll probably buy this model.

P.S. I have the RWDesigns Twin Otter and the 3D modeling is very good. Not sure about how accurate the flight model is. It seems a bit too fast at cruise speed.

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So I guess the DHC-3 is a bigger version of the DHC-2?  I absolutely LOVE the Soulmadesim version of the -2:

Particularly when you add this mod with the super sized fatboy tundra tires:

Truly one of my all time favorite sim planes ever with these tires.  Literally go anywhere ha!

I'll have to check out the DHC-3 you mentioned, thanks for passing along.

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