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Hi Steve


I am new in dx10! Everything runs as it should so far

3 questions

Is it only me but i see a lot more autogen with the fixer. A lot more trees on the ground!

Performance: with vc shadows i lost about 5fps. Without cockpit shadows everything is ok.

With AS16 i have some cloudpopups here and then which i never had with dx9!


I7 3700k up to 4200

Geforce 1050ti

8GB Ram

AntiA 4x+4xsparseG

Fsx setting moderate

Inflight with pmdg about 22fps

with A2A or mayestic dash stable 30fps

By the way i would check out the cloud shadow mode. How is the performance?




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Hello max

i don't think there is any difference in autogen ( sorry)

for vc shadows the vc must be drawn twice,  that costs hardly anythingbon the gpu, but on the cpu there is a cost proportional to the number of clickable buttons..  for most aircraft this is not noticeable but for a pmdg you will  see a  small frame rate drop.

as16 changes textures which can appear initially black if the options in the clouds dialog are not set.

the cost of cloud shadows can be gauged by setting the water slider to 2.mid and flying in cloudy conditions.

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Ok i have switched back to dx9! Sad but big planes like pmdg with Immersion effects(contrails...) and the new pmdg 747 contrails is a biiiiig hit in frames with lowest antialiasing settings. Shadows in the big planes looks also not right to me! The hardware which can handle this is not out yet or will never because fsx was made for dx9! May i switch to p3d one day!

With GA planes dx10 is realy great.




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