Engines Shutdown during Taxi

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An old PMDG bugabo has popped up on my 777-200.  I am sitting in EDCH, running FSX Steam with FS2Crew and PROATC.  After a 55 minute start-up and load (not really, I can usually get ready under 30 minutes), I am pushed back, we start the engines OK, then as soon as I apply power, the engines spool down.  Sometimes I can jiggle the throttles, and they will come back, and sometimes not.   Even if they do come back, no guarantee they will stay running, and I lose CMD data and get disconnected from ATC.  If I can get to the runway however and they stay running long enough for me to apply takeoff power, they stay running?  This I have seen before, even in FS9 days, both with the 767 and the 737 with  different computers and yokes.

I searched the forum, no help.  Probably I (or my FS2 Crewmate) are missing something simple,  Any suggestions appreciated.


Darrel Zuke


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Could it be that somehow your thrust levers are also connected to the fuel mixture axis ?

Do you have your throttle quadrant configured through fsuipc?

Maybe you can:

_ Check if you have several assignement for the same levers (engine thrust/mixture)

_ If via fsuipc, try to move the fsuipc.ini and the separate profile if any out of the sim folder and rebuild a new profile

_ Try setting your throttle quadrant directly through the sim menu to the engines axis.

_ Try disconnecting yout throttle quadrant and use the F1-F4 keys to control the thrust and see if you have the same issue.

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