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  1. After successful connection and flight plan load, I can hear the ATIS transmission, but upon changing to AT clearance frequency, unable to hear AT or Copilot audio. The text box shows the transmission history, but hard to use in real time and unsatisfactory. This situation the same with both PMDG 737 and Aerosoft CRJ addons. Appreciate any advice or assistance.
  2. Is Pilot2ATC compatible with latest version of P3DV5? Downloaded and installed FSUIPC5 which installed into the V5 modules folder ok. Created and validated a flight plan in Pilot2ATC, but unable to to connect. Am I missing another program, like Simconnect? Any help appreciated.
  3. Unable to connect with P3DV5. Downloaded FSUIPC5 and loaded ok into the V5 modules. Loaded and validated flight plan. Is current version Pilot2ATC compatible with P3DV5? Otherwise what am I missing? Appreciate any and all help Darrel Z
  4. Hi Bryan; Just downloaded Ver 1.4 for P3DV5 (twice). Program extracts ok, but unable to install, It locks up on the initial install screen, shows 23% but no progress shown on the install progress screen. Then the install goes to not responding.
  5. Where on earth is the clock on the B120? Flying a scheduled route using your wristwatch probably not happening. tundrabum
  6. Airplane great, flies great w little or no automation except the FMS, have to work to fly it. But... Where in the heck is the clock? Maybe obvious, but I sure can't find it.
  7. Bryan; Noted that your original 'Where is the Hard Core Sim Market Heading' was posted Nov 2011. As I think we now know, the market is pretty much P3D and X Plane 11. As for me, I guess I qualify as a hard Core, as I own every FS2 product you released except for the latest PMDG 747 QOTS version (to expensive, plus I am more of a short haul guy) and the IFly product. I have been simming since FS5. And how far we have come, the scenery is breathtakingly real, as are the flight models,hardware and VR. As for me I am pretty happy with where I am in P3D, with my Majestic Dash 400, Aerosoft CRJ 's and Airbuse Pro versions, and my PMDG 737, and 777. I might consider a 787 if PMDG would ever release one. I am however, curious about the future of FS2 Crew? I, for one, would be all over a release for the Aerosoft CRJ's. Without an autopilot, the CRJ is a handful for a single pilot; although I have made some pretty good checklists with Pilot Assist Pro. And I would also request maybe thinking about an update for the Airbus Pro P3D V4 ver. It works fine, but pretty sparse when compared to the PMDG 737 NGX reboot ver. And...maybe some more female pilots??? Do I dare mention the status of Ultimate Ground Control? Your facing some pretty stiff competition from the latest release of GSX, however it's not very user friendly, at least for me. In conclusion, I do want to thank you for the real input you have made to the flight sim community. As I just said, I really miss it when flying My CRJ's, and want to say FS2Crew adds so much to the Flight Sim experience. Best of Luck in the Future Darrel Z
  8. Hey Bryon; The Aerosoft CRJ is a great addon, but really needs FS2Crew. Please be open to add it to your future project list! Regards, Tundrabum
  9. My 2nd flight on P3DV4, same issue after take off; FO becomes stuck at Hed Sel. This is a crucial part of the take off as flaps etc., now have to be set manually and things get very busy. All else works great up to this point in this VER. Regards Darrel Zuke
  10. Yep, went to the NAVIGRAPH forum and figured it out. thanks
  11. Just loaded PMDG 737 NGX into Prepar3DV4. All working great except unable to update to the latest Airac cycle. Yes I purchased it and loaded from the Navigraph page multiple times. No luck, shows cycle 1104, SB 1708. Not sure this is the correct place to post, but will start here first. Darrel Zuke
  12. An old PMDG bugabo has popped up on my 777-200. I am sitting in EDCH, running FSX Steam with FS2Crew and PROATC. After a 55 minute start-up and load (not really, I can usually get ready under 30 minutes), I am pushed back, we start the engines OK, then as soon as I apply power, the engines spool down. Sometimes I can jiggle the throttles, and they will come back, and sometimes not. Even if they do come back, no guarantee they will stay running, and I lose CMD data and get disconnected from ATC. If I can get to the runway however and they stay running long enough for me to apply takeoff power, they stay running? This I have seen before, even in FS9 days, both with the 767 and the 737 with different computers and yokes. I searched the forum, no help. Probably I (or my FS2 Crewmate) are missing something simple, Any suggestions appreciated. Darrel Zuke
  13. I have just purchased a new computer for VR, and would like to run FSXSE. My research indicates FSX runs a little better in virtual Reality, plus I have been getting a lot of crashes in P3D in middle of long flights. I have all ORBX products for North America for FSX and for P3DV3. Do I have to repurchase all the products I currently have for FSXSE? Obviously this would affect my decision to migrate. Darrel Z
  14. Can someone enlighten me on how to conduct two tests in the 24 hour checklist: the Autofeather test, and the Trims test? Also where can I find information on to do the Ice Protection CHECK LEVEL ONE; CHECK LEVEL TWO checks, as found in the After Start Checklist? As always appreciate the help!
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