co-pilot not reporting descending altitude properly

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This might be a limitation or a bug, Dave, let me know what you think.

I was flying the Challenger 300 in X-Plane using the FMC for VNAV on a star into Toronto Pearson. I had requested an en-route decent from ATC at the TOD point and clearance was granted. I activated VNAV and shortly after TOD the FMC started a decent based on the flight plan. As I continued toward Toronto ATC handed me off to various new centers. I have Pilot2ATC setup to have the co-pilot manage the radios and responses. After the frequency change the co-pilot would say, <center><Viper 626>descending to feet. What was missing was the current target altitude for the decent. As an example, if the VNAV on the FMC was heading down to flight level 200 I would have expected the co-pilot to say <center><viper 626> Descending to flight 200.

The other problem with this is the voice recognition to does recognize the response with just "feet" so I have to repeat the proper response.

So I'm not sure if this is a limitation where Pilot2ATC has no idea what the target FMC VNAV altitude is. It shows up properly on the altitude tape on the PFD so I would think it should be able to get it.



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P2A ATC does not look at target VNAV altitudes, that would be cheating.

However, this is a bug in the Enroute Descent logic which was only just added a couple of updates ago.  Should be fixed in the next update.

Thanks for finding this bug.


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