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Hello everyone, Have bee using P3D V 3.4 and its amazing in VR with flyinside. Have been tweaking more then flying however and wanted to try PTA in VR.Its hard to see the difference in VR sometimes and tweaking takes a lot of time. My question therefore is: does anyone have PTA presets that make a difference in vr and are you willing to share these settings/profiles?That would be great! Have used PTA without vr some time ago abd it is awesome. Thank youJozeff

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Yep, once you adjust the Rift with the PTA mod, the results are amazing. It is a real pity people who can afford VR hold off merely because of the screen door effect - they are missing so much. Totally understand people who cannot afford VR sticking to flat monitors though. It is expensive.

To answer your question, the free PTA profiles that are on the ENVTEX website work very well in VR. "Maxime Natural" is my personal favourite. I was tweaking PTA myself with limited results, then when trying their profiles, I realise how much of a novice I was fiddling with PTA on my own. Consider supporting their product. I am most certainly not affiliated with them but just grateful I came across ENVTEX it improved things heaps.

To improve things further, other than being able to adjust saturation inside Flyinside, you can also adjust the brightness and darkness levels in Flyinside more than the user interface permits by changing the value in the flyinside ini file before starting it. I do this to increase the overall vibrance of light levels during the day and then turn it down for dusk or night flights.


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