Views and zoom positions all changed with new v0.1.661Alpha Exp

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Really like CP but since new update to 0.1.661 Alpha all my view and zoom positions have altered on all views, on all aircraft.

Is this supposed to happen with the introduction of Free Track and Open Track being added?

Does it mean I will just have to re-do all my view positions on all my aircraft, or is this a bug that will be fixed?

I use Trackir5 but makes no difference whether TR5 on or off.


Martin Taylor

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my cockpit view is the only one in tact, Everything else is out of wack. Outside views stayed in tact.

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I have a simillar problems caused by the update to 0.1.661 Alpha. The last update to 0.1.662 Alpha has not solved it. My plane is DH8D by Majestic Software Pro version.

Some of my views are already not the same as in the past, even if zoom seems to not be unchanged (according to the text from simulator -> P3D v3.4) such views are firmly away.

My main view seems to be correct. Left view also seems to be good (as it's close to the position of captain's seat), but right view, FMC, upper view and some others are changed. It looks like ChasePlane is trying to create these views for someone / pilot, who can only be in one place near the captain's seat. It's only my presumption but it looks like the views are modified to someone who uses TrackIR.

Furthermore I have a problem with updating presets - in some cases even if I move the view to the right place and click "update preset", it's not saved as it should. Sometimes it's not modified at all, sometimes it's modified but it's not exactly in the same place that it was moved.

And the last thing - my buttons assignments are also changed. Even if they looks like not changed in ChasePlane control panel, they do not work like they should. For example buttons left, right, up, down are not working in their ways. I enter left button, but my view is moving forward...

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Can you guys generate a report from CP's Preferences and post it here?

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hello i have problems also, exemple:on my fslabs a320 the pilot view appears just behind the head set of the seat but as soon as i try to modify by forwarding the cam it change to another preset (outside one) and i can't move the pilot view

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4 hours ago, Keven Menard said:

Can you guys generate a report from CP's Preferences and post it here?

Here you are:

Below you may also find my preferences from cp panel.

--------------- ChasePlane Report by marcin.gwiazdzinski@vp.pl on 3/16/2017 20:31:33 UTC ---------------
Version:                  0.1.662
PLV:                      0.1.662
OS:                       Microsoft Windows 8.1
.NET:                     4.6 RC or later
Running Sim:              P3D Supported
Current aircraft:         mjc8q400
Current aircraft cfg:     D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\aircraft.cfg

--------------- Installed Simulators ---------------
P3Dv3 "D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\"

--------------- Preferences ---------------
experimental_version = True
ui_refresh_ms = 500
ui_anim_duration = 0.4
view_sel_anim_in_ms = 0.2
view_sel_anim_out_ms = 0.1
view_sel_delay = 300
minimize_taskbar = True
x_to_minimize = False
mouse_middle_view_switcher = True
turb_pause_ms = 1
always_on_top = False
debug_show = False
vas_show = True
vas_warning = True
vas_remaining = True
vas_warning_treshold = 400
turb_wind_amplitude = 1
startup_glob_enable = True
app_auto_launch = True
mouse_middle_cam_look = True
mouse_middle_cam_zoom = False
pause_turbs_on_mousemove = False
pause_turbs_in_slew = True
doors_enabled = False
mode_cinematic_ctrl_speed = 0.99999994949301
mode_cinematic_ctrl_inertia = 2.99999979797204
mode_cinematic_duration = 30
mode_cinematic_distance = 1
mode_cinematic_delay = 10
mode_cinematic_vas_protection = True
boostFactor = 9
joystick_default_dead_zone = 100
user_statistics = True
auto_cpu_afinity = True
cpu_afinity = 1
show_whats_new = True
disable_advanced = False
enable_trackir = False
trackir_reset = True
translucent_window = False
invert_x_trackAircraft = False
invert_y_trackAircraft = False
user_defaults = 
droppable_object_1 = Flour_bomb
droppable_object_2 = Propane_Tank_sm
droppable_object_3 = Discovery Spaceshuttle

--------------- Aircraft's Camera Definitions ---------------
CFG created on 11/2/2015 20:38:06 UTC
CFG modified on 3/4/2017 0:10:04 UTC

Title = MJC84 Virtual Cockpit
// (Disabled by ChasePlane)HotKeySelect=1

Title = "Left Engine View from the cockpit"

Title = "Right Engine View from the cockpit"

Title = "Right side wing view from the Cabin"

Title = "Left side wing view from the Cabin"

Title = "Right aft side view from the Cabin"

Title = "Left propeller view from the Cabin"

Title = "VC Right Seat"

Title = "VC Overhead View"
// (Disabled by ChasePlane)Hotkeyselect=7

Title = "VC Central FWD Console View"
// (Disabled by ChasePlane)Hotkeyselect=8

Title = "VC Central AFT Console View"
// (Disabled by ChasePlane)Hotkeyselect=9

Title = "VC Observer View"

--------------- Cameras.cfg file for P3Dv3 ---------------
CFG created on 2/12/2017 19:22:20 UTC
CFG modified on 3/15/2017 19:22:05 UTC


























--------------- END OF REPORT ---------------


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Does it happen after switching from another camera mode or at random after loading a preset within the same view mode?

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I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly but it seems that the problem appears after loading a preset within the same view mode.

In order to show you how it looks like in my sim - below you may find the view, which it was set for view to right:


After Chase Plane update now it looks like as follows and I cannot modify it - even if I make the view as the one above and click "update preset" it's not saved:


In case of FMC I had the view very close to it in order to put all datas - something like here but with a little different angle:


Now it;s much different, looks like zoomed but as you can see zoom is the same as in case of other views - change of view and update preset doesn't work:


And finally - upper panel now looks as follows:


Previously my view to the upper panel was in center. Now this view is at a considerable angle and I even cannot move it to right or left - my buttons left/right don't work as they should (to the left or to the right), but when I push them it's forward or backward. As you can see below I have them set properly:


For me it's something that keeps your view to the captain seat. We even cannot move to the center of cockpit, only can have a view with angle.

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So if I understand well, the issue is not the zoom but rather the position of the camera itself being at the default camera location.

I have an idea of what it could be. I will push an update later tonight if I find it!


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Hello Keven,

Thanks a lot for your support!

Currently I'm in the office, so I will be able to check this update for about 8-9h.

Maybe in the meantime someone else will be able to check it. If not, I will do it a.s.a.p.


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