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Bambi Bucket

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Can one use a bambi bucket setup for helicopters with Firefighter X?  I just purchased and install the latest version for P3dV3 and would like to use helos with a bambi bucket setup.



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Hello Danny,

yes, you can, I have a few customers who are using it like that. But please note that FireFighter X doesn't contain logic to handle payload pickup and release with slings or hoists - yet.

Here is an example for the model of a HC412 Bambi Bucket:


  • Using the PayloadManager dialog in FFX I have added a payload station to the helicopter at the relative position of the bucket model


  • The weight of that station I set to 3667lb, which is my tank size too. To estimate the weight, I use this list:


  • In the FFX payload manager I set only this payload station as active, that makes it my only retardant tank
  • Now I set my fuel load in the simulator to 45%, otherwise the helicopter would be overweight with a full bucket
  • This will take care of the weight handling when you drop or refill


  • Now I set up the drop control panel to 100% load, 2 seconds drop time and a 4000lb/s drop rate (this will empty my bucket when I press the trigger - you can adjust this to take longer by changing the drop rate down to 2000 or less too)
  • On this dialog you would have to decide which drop effect you prefer - the one built into the helicopter model or the one from FFX
  • 1) Using the FFX effect


  • 2) Using the smoke effect from the model



That's it.



Of course you can refill your bucket by hovering over a body of water (and it will then contain water - the FFX drop effect would show this correctly, with the little "clouds" now being white - and water has different properties when extinguishing fires)



Hope this helps

Best regards

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