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Cleanly unistalling FSX:SE and ALL addons. How to?

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Hey there,

I am currently uninstalling everything related to FSX:SE because I haven't touched it in almost a year and want to move XP11 to my SSD once it leaves Beta. In doing so, I have encountered some minor problems, maybe some of you can assist me with your knowledge:

1. FTX Central: How do I uninstall that? It doesn't show in the control panel and there's no uninstaller that I can find in the respective folder. I have found a couple of threads related to that problem, but it seems to be difficult. Does anybody know a reliable method of cleanly removing it? I am still on V2 btw.

2. Flightbeam KDEN: Oh god, I've always hated their DRM and FS dreamteam Couatl stuff (their airports are gorgeous of course, though). Again: No uninstaller to be found. I see a config file in my user/name folder and some files in the FSX folders, but nothing with regard to uninstalling... 

EDIT: Found it. It's in the main FSX folder, the file name does hint at it being an uninstaller, but not to it being for flightbeam or KDEN...

3. PMDG: Gonna miss the Boeings, don't like the operations center. Again, I see no uninstaller anywhere for the Ops center (control panel or folders) and the only thread that I've found is Kyle repeatedly questioning why one would want to remove it in the first place and then confirming that one could "in theory" just delete the folder. Is that really a clean way to do it or is there a better one?

Thanks in advance for your help and see you on the other side ;-)



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#2, you should find the unistaller for the FlightBeam airport in the Add/Remove section of the Windows control panel. 

Not sure on #1 and #3 as I don't have their instruction PDFs in front of me.

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See my edit: In my case, it was in the main FSX folder, but didn't show up in the control panel, but thanks anyway!

I also searched the manuals for FTX central and PMDG ops center, nothing showed up with regard to uninstalling...

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