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FireFighter X 1.79 released

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Hello @ll,

FireFighter X 1.79 has been uploaded to SimMarket today. Please allow up to 24hours for the deployment there to be complete.

Here is the changelog:

Date 30.04.2017
Version 1.79 b13
- Bugfix: Adding client name to server window was disabled

Date 28.04.2017
Version 1.79 b12
- Change: Added radiobuttons to choose drop procedure (drop rate or tank % prio)

Date 22.04.2017
Version 1.79 b11
- Change: altered event handling for the drop percentage selector to accomodate Air Manager instruments
- Bugfix: Liveries that were put at the end of the cfg file were not read by the database editor scan

Date 17.04.2017
Version 1.79 b10
- Bugfix: In realistic fire lifecycle the fires are depicted incorrectly on multiplayer clients

Date 17.04.2017
Version 1.79 b09
- Bugfix: Drop controller gauge is not updated when timer slider is pulled

Date 16.04.2017
Version 1.79 b08
- Bugfix: sending regular updates to the percentage selector on the drop controller gauge
- Change: Updated French manual

Date 15.04.2017
Version 1.79 b07
- Bugfix: When standing still, the drop effects would multiply in one spot
- Change: redesigned elemental handling when networked. Server will no longer forward messages from the clients directly
- Change: Clients will perodically ask for fire synchronisation
- Change: drop spacing logic has been rewritten
- Bugfix: Handling of extinct fires has been fixed (created multiple black ground splashes)
- Change: timer on drop control panel has two functions now (25-50-75 are linked to the timer, 100 is not)
- Change: added a button to remove all ground splash effects from the simulator

Date 13.04.2017
Version 1.79 b06
- Change: Drop density setting now controls ground splash too
Date 07.04.2017
Version 1.79 b05
- Change: French localization
- Change: made numeric control for fire size larger
- Change: paint ground effects closer together when user enlarges the hit zone

Date 03.04.2017
Version 1.79 b04
- Change: Retardant drop is now weighted by distance of the elemental from the center of the hit zone
- Change: Fire expansion in realistic mode has been altered so elementals are not so close together
- Change: Additional burnt terrain in realistic mode
- Change: Added option to import WAMA scenes from XML files.

Date 02.04.2017
Version 1.79 b03
- Bugfix: Caught SimConnect Exceptions caused by other players' drops in network mode
- Bugfix: Double warning message when overweight
- Change: Option to start with empty tanks
- Change: Option to disregard parking brake event
- Change: Payload manager is disabled in network mode

Date 02.04.2017
Version 1.79 b02
- Bugfix: Initialization error with complex/simple effects radio button
- Bugfix: Server and Client can decide for simple/complex effects independently (in advance!)
- Bugfix: Changing Effects Complexity is impossible when networked
- Change: Updated "light" fire effects

Date 29.03.2017
Version 1.79 b01
- Bugfix: get ambient data before loading a fire
- Change: a multiplayer session will remember aircraft that were assigned to players
- Change: synchronized static CG height and static pitch.
- Change: added the option to switch between two sets of fire effects (complex, simple) to save FPS
- Change: default models for network players can be adjusted and are individual for object categories
- Change: option to set server IP on the client window.


Best regards


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That is great news.  How do I get version 1.79 b01?  I have 1.78 thru Simmarket, but, don't see a way to get the update.




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Hello Danny,

sorry, but the 1.79 has not been released yet, this thread is only to inform customers about the current development. There are still a few features that are being evaluated if they can be included.

Best regards


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