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To shade or not to shade ...

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That is the question.

Perhaps it might be attributable to my 'olderness' and/or possibly my rosé-tinted eyesight... but - the overall appearance of XP11 still looks ever-so-slightly 'washed-out' to me? Do any of you guys have this impression?
[memo to the die-hard Monitor Calibration Polizei: It's a state-of-the-art Asus Rog Swift and the flesh-tones on certain late night documentaries are 'as real as it gets'].

From pb2 I used 'Blu-fx'- which was very effective at providing extremely realistic colours and, latterly, 'Reshade 3.0.4' (which is available on the .org but crashes the Sim on Exit).

As a total XP noob I now find myself wondering if there are any dataref mods, Lua scripts or anything else out there that might now be permissable/acceptable/advantageous, (given that LR are now beyond the beta stage), to improve the overall colour saturation/contrast and brightness levels of the sim, without having to resort to an external app that is obviously not compatible with the RC? 

Replies on a black and white PostCard to ...... 

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I still use Blue FX, and I too tried Reshade, which works nicely and yes, it crashes my sim as well.  As for utilizing Lua, that is a good option, but with a caveat...datarefs.  There so many and even when you do find the ones you want (typically opening the Art Controls gets you in), you'll need to keep a pen and paper handy to write down (exactly) the syntax used for each one that you modify, as well as their value (pay close attention to the value it has before you change it).  Once you have assembled your list, as well as the values that work for you, the rest is easy.  Just plug those lines into a Lua script, place the script where required and you're good to go.  It's a bit of work, but it works. :biggrin:

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