Need a recommandation for new video card

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I have been having trouble with terrible frame rates on some of my payware planes.

If I get 8-10 for example with my Feelthere E175 that is high and if I can get 12-15 with

my IFly 737NG that is high.

I am running a AMD FX 4100 Quad Core Processor

8Gb of Ram

Gigabyte 970a-D3P Motherboard

Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti video card with 2 Gb memory

I have been told that the Nvidia is not the best match for the AMD processor so

if anyone can provide some suggestions as to what may be a good upgrade or

what I might do to improve my FSX performance I would appreciate any and all



Thank you for your time and help with this problem




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The easiest way to get better performance is just to reduce the complexity settings in FSX. That said, as I'm sure a lot of people will tell you, upgrading your graphics card will not normally make much difference to your frame rates unless your existing card is running flat out. A new card might give you a few extra FPS and make the screen image better but the CPU is the most important component as far as performance is concerned. To check if your graphics card really is responsible, you need to use a background monitoring app like MSI Afterburner ( which can show graphs of performance data over a period of time. It should work with any card and although it's advertised as a GPU overclocking utility, you can also just use it to monitor the usage and temperatures of your CPU (down to individual cores) and GPU. Remember to definitely set CPU 1 for monitoring as this is where most of the work tends to be done. If you find that your GPU is running constantly near 100%, and the CPU is much less, then a new GPU may help. On the other hand, if your CPU is running at a higher usage rate than the GPU (perhaps close to 100%), then your CPU is the bottleneck and even the most expensive GPU available won't make much difference. Also, what screen resolution do you use?

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Vortex is spot on with his reply and I agree wholeheartedly.

As I see it, I think your system as a whole is very probably wanting an upgrade. I do not know what sim you are using but P3D and the two FSX programmes are going to tax this system mightily. 

One option you have, (and I do not recommend this, despite my use of it, is to go back to FS9(FS2004))  This, at least, may give you the desired frame rates, but it is a slightly backward step and all development by the major developers has long since ceased. This, though, may well prove to be a good solution(see comments below)

I believe that you may have few or no problems with your system other than antiquity and if this is indeed the case, then your best option is an upgrade. This is probably an expensive and likely an unpalatable prospect. If you are a dedicated simmer and committed to this hobby for the long term, then, I believe, you have to look to the future (especially with regard to the upcoming and existing 64bit simulation platforms.

In order to accommodate these and the existing 32bit platforms to their fullest, I think, for the future, you have to invest in the BEST and most powerful can possibly afford. In other words, if you are going to upgrade it is best not to compromise, other than in financial terms. Wherever you compromise, system performance will suffer in the long run.

Whatever you decide to do, please do a lot f research, make a lot of enquiries, both here and with computer sellers before making a final solution.  Also bear in mind, that a lot of computer sellers are not necessarily Flight sim literate and you should probably put more emphasis on input from the incredibly knowledgeable flight simmers on this and other forums.

Good luck anyway and I wish you the best in your search for a solution.


Tony Chilcott


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Than you for the information and suggestions.


I will take it all into consideration as I continue to try to adjust

my system and for now a complete system upgrade is just not

possible so I will investigate other alternatives.


Thank you again.



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