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Hi Jean-Luc.

1.  I have to first start the trainer, then exit the trainer and then start Xplane11 in order to get the 750 to run.  Otherwise I get the black screen.

2.  I get the following message when the 750 starts:


      Stored flight plan waypoint is not in current navigation database."

   Thanks, Howard

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Hi Howard,

The fact you need to start and stop the trainer prior launching X-Plane is peculiar though. The only thing I can think of right now is a folder or a file (in the "C:/ProgramData/Garmin/GTN Trainer Data/" folder) which locks the trainer out. This can happen if you've installed the trainer with admin privileges because the installer would probably set 'admin' access rights to the installed files.


FPL waypoint locked means there is a waypoint in a flight plan which is no longer in the database. Either a user waypoint, or a waypoint from a previous DB cycle which went missing with the next cycle.

The GTN trainer simulates non-volatile memory (something like embedded flash memory in a real device) in using a file on the drive. These files are typically located here:

"C:/ProgramData/Garmin/GTN Trainer Data/GTN/GTN1nonvol"

Our GTN simulation creates individual files per garmin type / unit, all names like this: "sys_nand#"

Last letter shall be 'e' for GTN650#1, 'f' for GTN650#2, 'i' for GTN750#1 and 'j' for GTN750#2.

What you can do is delete the file (or at least rename it like "sys_nandf~") and let the GTN recreate a fresh copy on next boot. You'll loose stored flight plans and user waypoints, as well as your settings.

ATTENTION: "sys_nand0" is the genuine non-volatile memory installed with the trainer from which our solution makes the individual copies.

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