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Problem with my callsign and UT2 AI callsign

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Hi, I have a problem with the RC callsigns and UT2. Here is an example that explains it:

File c4.csv: in order to have the airline Wizzair I added this line:

WIZZ AIR,WIZARD,Wizzair Ltd - Hungary,634, 1

where "WIZARD" is the wav file, close enough to "wizzair".

I found out that:

-the first part of the line (before the first comma) must match exactly how the airline is named in UT2 (WIZZ AIR in this case) 

-the second part (before the second comma) must match the RC wav file. In this case I used WIZARD.wav, as I said above

-the third part is what appears in the RC Airline name menu when you choose the airline. In this case Wizzair Ltd - Hungary

The problem is that when I choose "Wizzair Ltd - Hungary" in the RC Airline name menu, "WIZARD" correctly appears under "Callsign". I press OK but if I go back to that menu, instead of "WIZARD" I now have "W" and indeed the controller will call me "Whiskey". I found out that in order to have "WIZARD", the first part of the line in the c4.csv file must exactly match the second part, therefore it must be

 WIZARD,WIZARD,Wizzair Ltd - Hungary,634, 1

BUT, this way "WIZARD" does not match "Wizz Air" as named in UT2, so the controller will call "Whiskey" all the Wizzair AI airplanes.

In few words, either the controller calls me "Wizzair" and AI "Whiskey", or the other way round.

How can I do to have both me and AI called correctly? Thank you.

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In the rc/scripts folder there is a controllerscripts folder and a pilotscripts folder. This is where the airline is connected to the .wav file label. In order the flow goes from the c4 file data to the appropriate script file each of script contents having the name of the .wav file.

As an example:


emeraldharbor,emeraldharbor,Emerald Harbour Air,0, 0

controllerscripts file emeraldharbour.txt contains:

Emerald Harbor Air

There is also an emerald.txt which contains emerald.

In each proper winwood numbered voice folder in this case there is an emerald.wav and an emeraldharbour.wav

Their is a section I think in the rcv4.pdf file by Rob Abernathy about creating airline names that explains the data and file naming and contents.

I am fuzzy about this and no longer have communications with the airline data managers of these files.



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