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A2S Team,

I know its been mentioned a few times since January, that you guys are working on something to provide members with supporting docs for each of the courses. From what i can tell, for the most part it is still a work in progress as the only stuff i see anywhere on the site are some pdfs for the 777 course, and i have purchased all three available courses. 

What i wanted to suggest is that in addition to many of the items notes, like checklists and procedures, config files for all the various supporting utilities, i wanted to also ask that for each course it be listed what add-on scenery and airports are being used. it took a bit of digging through threads here to get some of that info for the Q400 courses, and for the 777 course i think i only found a thread noting the details for Hawaii. A lot of this stuff could even just be put into a PDF that is sent to or shared with us customers when we enroll/purchase each course, posted as item "0" with all the video links or similar. That PDF can have all of the used add-on utilities, sceneries, airports, etc. Then when the you get the members are more developed the files that need to be downloaded like various config files could be shared, or even all put into a single zip file that could be added as an additional download in the course content.


Anyways, my main reason for posting was to relay these suggestions and see if their are any updates towards getting this member area setup, my secondary reason was to see if the add-on scenery/airports could be noted for the 777 course please.


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Hi, thanks for purchasing all three programs - you're certainly a valued customer!

You make a good point about how we could deliver some of the supporting documents for each program and indeed it is work in progress. 

I have to be totally upfront and say that the original idea of Airline2Sim was pretty much to be paperless, the old 'tell me and I forget, teach me and I learn, show me and and I remember' adage if you like. Our initial sense was that the myriad of documentation that comes with a complex add-on was the single biggest barrier to learning, hence why we pushed back against creating much in the way of it initially.

The problem we've found since then is that learning to fly a modern airliner with a real pilot doing the teaching is almost impossible to do without some supporting documentation and now that we've pumped out almost 50 hours of tutoring it can be helpful to have something to go back to. 

Once the 777+ Program releases, we'll update the downloads area with some fresh material. 



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Thanks for the reply.. and i totally understand about getting bogged down in documentation.

First, my question in the OP about the 777 program, are you able to define the add-on airports and scenery used?


As for the issue for documentation and striking the right balance i would say that for many people a lot of this documentation is part of the experience of starting a study level airliner simulation, and its all very valuable. However i think the gap that exists between what you get out of the box and what you are trying to produce here, is the 'abbreviated/relevant' checklists for things that are relevant to someone in a simulator. Many people like to go through every possible step as if they were in a real aircraft, and these study level sims give that almost fully out of the box, but there is another group of people, like me.. who want to learn, understand and go through all the steps but really just the ones that are relevant to my simulation, i enjoy learning in these programs about all the real world stuff and how it applies, but when i startup P3D, i am not really worried about testing my fire suppression. 

For example in the Q400, its great that i can turn around and check manual gear release, but honestly unless im doing advanced testing for myself, my sim is going to be set with no failures, so testing that, light bulbs, sensor, etc just doesnt apply to a sim really.. At the very least i can say it doesn't 'need' to apply. 

Here is an example: https://goo.gl/k49p93, of a guy who went through Airline2Sim's training videos for the Dash-8, remade a checklists based on that, and focused on things that you only have to do in the sim. This might be the type of thing you guys can provide to really bridge the gap.

Anyone can take the PMDG 777, FSLabs A320, or Majestic Q400 and likely run them fully with the the full manuals and in some cases even official FCOMs, there are people that want to get in the plane at the end of the runway, all ready for take off, and just go... my guess is that most simmers would find themselves in between those two extremes. Wanting to start in a cold/dark or short turn-around state, and have to do some planning, prep and then following "relevant" procedures to get the bird ready for the air. That link might give you an idea on how sim specific procedures could be done. 

Its something to think about, it may not be inline with the goals of what you guys are trying to do, but it may get you to that point where your course consisting of the videos and minimal "relevant" docs will get you to your goal. To have someone follow your courses, and using them, with a few resources you add on, can go out and start successfully enjoying theur simmulations.


Anyways, just sharing some thoughts again, thanks for entertaining them, and hopefully you are able to share the 777 add-on info as noted.


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