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Throttle movement NGX

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I have noticed that the throttle levers move slow compared to the position of the "physical" throttles. The position of the physical throttles is corresponding with the announciators on the ENG displays and these move as fast as the physical throttles but if I move the physical throttles from idle to full, the animation of the movement is slow and not corresponding to the actual position. In 777 and 747 this is not the case and the throttles move in the same manner as the physical ones. Why is this bugging me? This issue becomes most noticable on final when flaring and cutting the throttles which results in a float for me due to slow decay of thrust...I know I might "over flare" but the 777 and the 747 cut the thrust just as expected and I experience "on spot" landings usually with no "floaters". And yes- I am over the threshold at VREF. Due to the slow response I have started cutting the throttle at 50 ft RA or sooner which in my mind is not too realistic...


Any feedback and your experience is most welcome

Metod Praprotnik

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7 hours ago, metod said:

I am over the threshold at VREF.

Come in over the lights at Vref and allow her to decay to Vref - 5 in the touchdown zone.  Start slowly reducing thrust at 100 ft AGL and idle thrust at or just below 30 ft.  The thrust reduction should not have to be quick unless you are too fast, rather try to bleed the thrust off.  All this presumes a reasonable gust and cross wind components.

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