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Oil doors operation

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Hi all,

Question for the pros : given the - very - thin documentation, I was thinking oil doors would be used as in the turbine Duke, i.e : open for take off and initial climb in order to keep oil temperatures within limits, and then closed pretty much for every other flight phase (except go around)

Looking closer at the normal checklist I see they are supposed to be verified closed in the before take off checklist. Any insight ?

On a side note for those using ASN weather the panel configuration mod needed to integrate Roland Weather radar into the VC instead of the useless Carenado Avidyne unit has been published on April 5th :

It fits perfectly into the Avidyne screen and works great.

Best regards !

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According to an article in Twin&Turbine about a Cheyenne III, I suspect the II is similar?

Getting Underway

Starting follows the usual PT6A procedure, with a battery check and pushing the gear lever down; after starting, it will pop back up to a down-neutral position, verifying hydraulic pump operation. When shutting down, the procedure is repeated in reverse with the opposite engine running. Fuel is introduced as 12-14% N2 is reached and the ITT is monitored to not exceed the 1,000-degree C. start limit. Normal operation is limited to 750 degrees ITT.

Once the first engine’s generator comes on to restore battery condition, the second engine follows in due course at low idle. Avionics up, it’s time to taxi. Nosegear steering is positive and beta range holds taxi speed down to spare the brakes. Pretakeoff checks include the normal governors testing at 1,600 rpm, a flap-comparison test button is pushed, and there’s a “q-system” test, a simple sensor that inhibits gear retraction and pressurization engaging until 100 knots airspeed is reached. Yaw damper and prop synchrophasing are off and the oil cooler doors are open.

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The Carenado model have the right signal in the panel, open,  close,  and the green light in the panel annuciator light up,  right or left oil cowl door (even this annuciation its in the wrong side of the annuciator panel, its on the left when in RL plane its on the right part of the annuciator panel )

Now in the exterior of the plane this doors are located under the pt6 and a simply sight you can see if they are open or closed. Carenado with 3 versions of the plane fail in this function. They dont do the animation of the oil cowl doors. Put the switch in overhead panel to open the green light up in the annuciator panel but in the exterior nothing happens.

The Cheyenne family of DA have do this right. In the panel (right place ) and you can see these doors open or close when you see the aircraft in the exterior view 

And more than that!!!!!!! The temps go hot or cool (yellow or green arc in the instrument indicator ) when you operate these doors in the DA Cheyenne. In the Carenado model NOTHING HAPPEN when you open or close those doors, the indicators dont do anything. 



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