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  1. Hi stew, Hope you are doing fine Can you share the Bill mod 1.2 for the PA42 cheyenne III (T tail demon) Thanks in avance RB
  2. Hi Scott, when you said that the FDE need some tweaking for the 55, can be more specific, what its wrong with the FDE ? Agree with the VC, one of the BEST Ever made Redgars Robert Bernard Kislinger
  3. Bill for the FSX SE lovers you can port some changes in the V6 to V5, For example, the changes in the FDE, the rpm, hp, FF adjust, the effect of the drag disk propeller when we cut the power on final (,this is really true, this behavior it's similar to the real, o the RL the 690, A,B need to land no less that with 150 200 HP. If not the plane when to the ground), the start locks reworked system, In the V5 if you put the prop on feather, there's no way to put back to normal if the plane is off, and the startup is done with the prop on feather (In the RL you know that you melt the turbine and the battery too) ....... The hydraulic system too if it's easy for you, I know that it's big thing, and work, but for the FSX Users still are a lot and we will happy if you do a 5.1 version..... That's changes for examples..... Can you take it of the V6 to the V5? I can live with the KFC 300 AP, and the lights mix panel cabin, and the press system bug, without problem, Redgars Robert Bernard
  4. Bill! Thanks, first to allí, Running FSX Steam, and the model LITE with the GNS and the AP106 the visual model on the FSX Wont load, the same with the KFC300 AP model. Seems to be a problem with this particular model. I dont have the GTN for test that model, Redgars Rb
  5. The 331-10 "DASH TEN" its cappable to fly on 100% RPM all the way, its easy, just TO and forget about the Condition lever, Redgars RB
  6. Broooooo!! Im on IT !!!!!!!!!!! Your best MOD for a simple Carenado Model, Redgars Robert Bernard
  7. I lost my copy for the mod, can someone share this 340 lastest mod from Bill? via mail or PM dropbox - drive Link? Thanks in advance, RB
  8. Hi!! the link to the google drive for the overhead fix its down, ... can some one send to me? robertbk182@gmail.com Thanks in advance RB
  9. Hi, do you have experience with TPE Garrett turbines? they are a lot different of the tipical PT6 Free turbine, i think that you hace the Start Locks active, after the start, and when you are ready to Tax you need to put the power levers on REV, (all way back down) see in the annuciator panel that Beta Lights are On, them put again on idle, After this you should tax the plane and have al the power normal, some pilots do this procedure before even start the engines, but the checklist says that do it when you are ready to tax, hope this help, RB
  10. Hi, there are some way that the EGT temp raise slowly accord to the spool up of the TPE turbine, (rpm, FF, HP) like the plane do in the RL, having the excellent MOD the EGT raises fast to the limit and them decreases when the TPE finish the spool up and the start finish, Thanks in the advance, RB
  11. AC90 - 10 all way............ bills mods included.......... PA42 need a big hoverhoul .......... for me best plane of carebeo its AC90......... !! Redgards RB
  12. hi, where and what lines, values, you added to the aircraft.cfg in the 690B? for testing too, Redgars Robert Bernard
  13. Hi!! Can someone share with me the last version of the Bill Mod for the PA31T ChEYENNE II?? My mail is robertbk182@gmail.com Thanks in advance RB
  14. The FDE of the Piper single that JF its doing need serius touchs, mods, etc, dont flew like an archer/arrow/. The other things that the come with the model, the extras are OK, its a good touch but.. vastly the 1960 Cherokee a2a keep in the top of the family Cherokee/warrioe/arrow......... not only about the extras.... just the FDE its great.... flyes like its counterpart real.... Im have hours on the 180/181 family, Redgars RB
  15. hI, how about the PA31-310 carenado, its a good plane, good FDE, poor sound, poor documentation, few bugs but its a solid release after the v1.1 some real pilots make a review and confirm that the plane fly well, .......... now...... Whamill77...... took this plane from my graveyard and put in my hangar for the only one TWIN PISTON that currently fly, (waiting some day for the 601P A2A) Those Mods of Bill, make the PA31 bright as twin, every system, engine handling, FDE, that he make for this plane simply its FANTASTIC, aaaannnnddd the sound that he share for the plane is the real sound, Apart, Bill have RL experience in the "Navajo" so..... have materials, POH, and some stuff to get a solid makeover of the Navajo. Highly recommend it..... Redgars RB
  16. Hi! as FO and with some hours in commanders, the oil in the TPE331 run very hot, if you get the instrument zoom will see that its almost in the red line, but not above, in the VC camera of the pilot thanks to the great resolution of the 4K textures the instrument cant be very hard to read if you dont get with zoom, I hightly recommend the Whamill77 MODS, the AC90 its NOTHING without those MODS, Redgards RB
  17. Hi! PM to WHAMIL77, he is the master mind of those "new planes" .... Redgards
  18. There are new mods in the folder? I don't see differences in the size of the folder. Thanks In advance RB
  19. Undestood, thanks for the explain, the N100L have aux fuel tanks in the wing lockers? ... how can put those tanks in alabeo model? i preffer have more fuel that luggage in the wings..
  20. N100L have 4 seat and one potty/kid seat/ the third seat (the one beside of the door) have to move back for open the door and allow the move of the pass, but in alabeo 421, have the same 4 / 1 potty but in front of the potty have one more seat, so have 6 seats, how can the pass get in the plane if the seat in the door can move to the back cos have another seat back, First time that see that configuration dense on a 421, and still have space in the back for loads,
  21. There some way to reduce the "bright" of the external model, for me its a way tooo bright, shine, and obviusly its reduce some FPS, indeed the model has a crisp textures and thats good, but the part of the brightness .... dont like it, Redgars RB
  22. A huge congrats, and big thanks, for make this plane to some basic "Alabeo" to a closer tool for training 421C, Without doubt best plane of Alabeo at the moment with your help. Redgards Robert Bernard
  23. ohhhhhh yeah !! very thanks for your time, i will wait the time that will be necessssary for this improvement, a little question, the aircraft and the air its the same in the 1.0 and 1.1? seems to have only visual, and instruments improvements but the air file and aircraft file remains the same, Basically we can take the alabeo 421 that not simule the geared engines as a 414A with the TC engines, same fuselage, only shorter wings that the 414A and more weight that the chancellor...... Redgars Robert Bernard
  24. You can bring here the values or tables for the .air, and the mod for the aircraft, its easy too, Either way, Best redgars and thanks for you help !!!! Long live Golden Eagle Robert Bernard
  25. Thanks for your response, so we count on you, for some help, some modification, some trick, to make this wonderful plane in a more powerful plataform of Cessna for training and fun purpose, So far Alabeo have a stable and well finished plataform, for me, best Cessna twin for FS. Redgards Robert Bernard
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