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  1. Mega site just worked for me - download progress bar at top of page.
  2. PM also sent with thanks for your effort to make another great looker into a great performer!
  3. First two lines I left out in my original post concerning this aircraft: station_load.0 = 180, 0, 0, 0, station_load.1 = 180, 0, 0, 0, Generally I should state my FDE amendments via cfg file are only done for tricycle undercarriage piston engine aircraft usually with default MS datum point 0,0,0 based on the center point of the aircraft wing chord line laterally, vertically and horizontally, (but some very good developers do use RW datum points and COGs). I only do it for aircraft for which I have POH and some operational experience so that the aircraft will perform and be balanced according to the POH charts and W&B envelope in a fully loaded state as this is what those charts reflect if you read the fine print. Mind you the POH are individual to each aircraft as manufactured but they're usually all in the same ball park except for special builds which Carenado/Alabeo sometimes model. Taildraggers are not worth trying to adjust as developers have to fool MS to make them work (my hat's off to them). Turboprops are also not worth doing owing the MS peculiar simulation of the engine power, torque, thrust, etc., (hence the above B1900D comments and my hat's off to developers again here). Jets I don't even think about LOL. I've seen and been in a PA22-160 with two adults in front, two kids in the back, couple of bags and fuel to suit the W&B envelope - very delicately balanced and require very good operational technique! Hey, but whatever turns you on is good in the sim is good.
  4. Sorry mate, I put a 180lb pilot and a 180lb co-pilot in as well. Most GA aircraft are built to, and operate at, max load and I have been doing this to FDE since FS98 with an immediate improvement in aircraft handling both on the ground and in the air. RW numbers do work if they are modified according to the developers CoG and entries made in the cfg file will override those in the air file. You can also modify the CoG if you wish but it is a bit complex. If the developers make a good model you can do this. Carenado and Alabeo make good models. Again engine corrections in the FDE override the air file and if you do this for this aircraft you will be pleasantly surprised at how it conforms to POH performance and develops the power that it should at higher altitudes than sea level. Anyway, if you try it and like it well and good, if not delete and use your original config. Have fun in FS at all times!
  5. Adjust your eye height from within the sim to suit the various flying states, that's what you have to do in real life with small high wing aircraft -seat up aor down, back or forward depending on takeoff, climb, cruise, descent or landing. Apart from the various comments above about things that don't work, lights too bright, etc., I have adjust the config file to reflect reality with: (a) W&B (only very bold pilots would put adults in the back or 100lb in the bags); (b) engine cylinder displacement and compression ratio as per Lycoming specs; (c) fuel capacity as per Piper specs for PA22-160. Back up you aircraft.cfg file and replace with these where appropriate if you want to try it, A2A Accufeel also makes them work better: station_load.2 = 140, -2.30, 0, 0, //-1 station_load.3 = 140, -2.30, 0, 0, //-1 station_load.4 = 50, -3.80, 0, 0, //-2 cylinder_displacement= 80 //93 compression_ratio= 8.5 //6 [fuel] LeftMain = 0.0, -2.5, 1.5, 18, 1, //16 RightMain = 0.0, 2.5, 1.5, 18, 1, //16 Otherwise, beautiful model to look at and fun to fly when adjusted in the above minor ways.
  6. Have had this quite a few times from Carenado and Alabeo installations and I suspect it might be that those font files already exist from an earlier installation and for some reason the installer calls it an error instead of just moving on.
  7. Great stuff as always Matt!
  8. You can also increase the aircraft max weight in the cfg file by 450 lb to carry full fuel with a full load for a much stabler model in turbulence and a quick stopper on the ground if descent and approach are well controlled. I control MfP and leaning with reference to the fuel flow gauge which is quite well marked.
  9. Mine has worked as Bert says since v1.0 - slow and steady wins the race with these knobs.
  10. The milviz is a B55 and the Carenado is a B58 - just on the models there should be considerable differences, just as in real life (yes I was endorsed on both).
  11. Thanks Jim, what a great fix, makes all the difference to all versions of the Carenado 208B, love your control panel
  12. Wow don't know how I missed this bit of vital assistance - would appreciate your help as so many before me .... Terry
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