A few (stupid) monitor/tv questions?

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I'll start by saying that I am NOT particularly tech savvy.  This may explain why my questions seem a bit stupid.  My interest is in flying the sim not tweaking the pc so I'm hoping to get direct practical advice.  I have included my current system spec below.  My current sim is FSX boxed, but my target sim is most likely Prepar3d.


1. (4k tv spec):  I am really turned around trying to understand what specs I should be requiring for a ~50" 4k TV.  Any simple direction (and rationale) would be appreciated;

2. (My PC capabilities):  I suspect (??) that my video card and RAM are both deficient for Prepar3d.  If yes, what should I spend on upgrading to?  When it comes to RAM, what spec should I request?

3. (FSX boxed versus Steam):  My experience has been with FSX boxed/Acceleration.  Does the Steam version work any better -- or pretty much the same?

Current System:

- (CPU) intel i5 - 2500k (OC at ~4,4GHz)

- (GPU) MSI Geforce GTX 1060 (3gb)

- (RAM) G.Skill Ripjaws X (2x4GB)

- (Monitors):  Three of: Asus VH238H 23".  Per Question 1 (above), I am wondering whether my current system would support a ~50" 4K TV -- if yes, what is the minimum TV spec?

OTHER Hardware:

- Various Saitek devices (yoke and quadrant; pedals; trim wheel;  8 of PIDs; 2 of radios; 1 of multi-panel; switch panel).

Add-On Software:

- ORBX Global, Vector and PNW




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I have an older 3770k system overclocked to 4.5 ghz. It has 2x4gb of 2400mhz ram and a 780GTX with 3gb ram. As I stated in your other thread, I just replaced my 3 monitor system (3 x 1280 x 1024) with a 4k TV which effectively doubled my output resolution. So far, after 1 hour of testing last night, it does not appear to have affected my performance at all. You are replacing 3 x 1920 x 1080 monitors which will be a 33% increase in resolution.

The only component I would be concerned about is your GPU, but looking at this site and comparing our GPUs, yours is better than mine in some areas, mine is better in others. Unfortunately I do not know which specs are the most important in this application.

My though is you will be fine, but I would purchase your TV at a place that you can return it to if it does not work out. I had the same concerns as you have when I bought my TV. Best Buy gives you 15 days to determine if you like it.


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This may be helpful.  This TV review sight has LOTS of info on pretty much every aspect of TVs:

BTW, I recent bought a 55" LG B6, though not for gaming, but someday I'll give it a try.  Image quality-wise, it is simply mind blowing excellent.  Price-wise...well if you have to ask, it's too much :sad:

If you live where there are Fry's stores, their return policy is the best:  don't like it for any reason in the first 30 days, return it for full refund.  I did that recently with a $1500 sony xbr; zero hassles (other than boxing it back up and getting it to the store).

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2 hours ago, TheFamilyMan said:

This TV review sight has LOTS of info

That is the main site I used when deciding on my TV monitor. I also highly recommend it. Interesting the TVs that you mentioned as I bought a 55" Sony X900E and the salesman was trying to sell me the LG B6 stating the OLED contrast was much better and it would be better for computer use. I agreed but told him the Sony was already above my budget. I told I'll come back during the Thanksgiving sales to visit.

Man, just don't hook your flight sim computer up to that LG or you'll be shopping for another TV for the family! :laugh:


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