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Hello from Canada's East Coast.

I am having issues with my 5 month old FS rig.  All was going great until about 10 days ago when I started to get OOM's and then other times I would get CTD.  Nothing from what I can recall has changed.  Maybe a new NVIDIA driver updated but other than that, Im using the same aircraft doing same routes.

I have a fairly high end system and when I do my normal "test" route from EGLL-LEPA, I am not able to complete a single flight.  I start up, take off and cruse for a while, and then when changing a view or something I get the dreaded CTD.

If you need more information, could you inform me how I can find out what the error even is to let you know?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

David Bell

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It's hard to say what caused your crashes based on the information provided but long flights usually result in running out of Virtual Address Space (VAS).  Microsoft only gives you 4 GB's in a 64 bit Windows Operating System for 32 bit applications like FSX/P3D.  When you move your sliders to the right, the faster the OOM/CTD will occur. The AVSIM CTD Guide provides instructions on page 7 on downloading AppCrashView and viewing your Event Viewer for crash information.  See link to the guide in my signature.

I suspect you have high settings based on your powerful computer system.  A high powered computer system will not stop OOM's and CTD's, they just expedite the crashes if you have high settings.  I just built the system in my specs and have FSX/P3D on a 1TB Samsung M.2 SSD (the fastest in the world right now) and still see crashes and have to keep modest settings.  I also have it cranked up to 5.0GHz. 

You may not have received an OOM so that's why we need to see the crash report or an event from your Event Viewer.

Best regards,


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