Narita 34L ILS Approach Not Working?

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Twice yesterday I've tried to land using the ILS for 34L at NRT (Tokyo Narita) in the default 737 with default scenery for the region.  Both times, I'm lined up with the runway, but the ILS has me descending well below glidescope, down to under 1,000 feet about 10 miles out from the runway.  Fearing an imminent crash I turn back on the altitude hold to take me back up to the glidescope (per the marker on my artificial horizon).  Shortly after I do that, my ATC automatically goes into missed approach.  I followed the ATC commands promptly and have the correct 111.90 frequency in the NAV1, hitting the APP button when I'm at 4000 feet with the correct autopilot settings to go into ILS landing, and have been able to successfully land at other airports, just having problems with this one ILS approach.

Is this an issue anyone else has experienced here?

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Yep, not exactly working correctly.  If you are more than 20 miles out and you hit the APP button, you will lose Heading and Altitude lights.  I waited until I picked up the Glideslope diamonds at about 18 miles out and I thought it was working normally but when the altitude diamond dropped past the centerline and the light didn't go out, I killed the AP and AT and manually landed.  You may want to find an updated Narita airport.

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